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Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable Mode Guide

In this article I’d like to take an in-depth look at the explorable paths of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon. Trash mobs shouldn’t be a problem, so this article will mainly focus on the boss fights.

General information

  • Make sure to revive team members as soon as they get downed. No one likes repair costs and if you don’t revive them there will be one less members to help kill the boss/revive other party members. If you get defeated you should rez at a waypoint and run back. Reviving defeated players takes way too long.
  • Party setup shouldn’t matter much. I have done this with all sorts of setups and we never ran into too much problems. Do note that path 1 and 3 will become more difficult with players that mainly use melee weapons or bows. More on this later.
  • The second path is the easiest. If you are running with a PuG I would advise you to choose this path.
Spider Queen
Before you run into this room, you should carefully take out all the fire spitting gargoyles. You can do this by jumping onto one of the pillars at the entrance to the room. To kill the big gargoyle on the far right side of the room you will have to jump down. When you do this you should stick to the wall, because spiders will start spawning if you run further into the room. After taking down all the gargoyles on the right side of the room you should let one person walk a bit further into the room to make the spiders spawn. After you’ve killed all the spiders you can take down the gargoyle in the left side of the room with ranged weapons. If you go too close the spider queen will spawn.

The spider queen fight is not very hard. You can melee her, you just have to be careful to avoid the AoE when she uses it.

Lieutenant Kohler
This boss’ main skill is a pull followed by an AoE attack (similar animation to the thief elite Dagger Storm). Stun breakers work on this, so you may be able to get out when he pulls you, but most of the time you will get downed if you get pulled.

There are two ways to kill this boss. The first way is to just run into him and kill his adds as soon as possible. He will always have two random adds so your team should focus fire on one and then the other. After the adds are down the fight is easy as long as you dodge his pull. Note that he uses his pull as soon as you start this fight, so don’t forget to watch the boss while you’re killing the adds. You can hide behind the pillars to avoid his pull, but you can also use skills like Feedback and Wall of Reflection to reflect it.

The second way to do this is to pull the boss down the stairs:

This will reset the adds and allow you to focus on the boss. If you use this method you will only have to pay attention to his pull animation and you should have no problems killing him. If you pull him back into the rooms where the trap are, don't forget that there's currently one trap that doesn't deactivate! If you use this way to kill him you can also make use of the pillars and reflection skills.

You will have to kill the spider queen and Lieutenant Kohler no matter which path you choose. In the next part of this guide we will take a look at all the boss fights for each explorable path.


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Path 1: The Howling King
Protect Hodgins
Here you will have to kill six graveling burrows while protecting Hodgins. The burrows will keep spawning gravelings until you kill them.

The burrows will spawn on the left and the right side of the room. I usually split the group up and have 2 people take the left side and two people take the right side. One person will help out on either side as long as there are no gravelings attacking Hodgins.

Currently the burrows are a bit buggy. Melee weapons and shortbows will miss their attacks most of the time, especially after the burrow hits 50%. Therefore I’d advise you to use other weapons instead. For example, guardians should use a scepter to kill them with smite and auto-attacks.

Find the missing scepter pieces
The fastest way to do this is to all take running skills and just run around in the room and pick up the scepter pieces along the way. You can also choose to kill the mobs, but that will take you ages.

The scepter pieces leave a sparkling animation, so if you just look for that while running around the room it will be pretty easy to find them.

The Howling King
This boss fight is pretty easy as long as you know when to dodge. The howling king will charge his howl and he will use It a few seconds later. If you get caught in his howl you will probably get downed. It has a pretty long range so make sure to get out of the way when he uses it.

Path 2: Ghost Eater
The Flooded Temple
When you walk into the flooded temple you can see five chains; one chain in the middle and two more on each side on the walls. Each of these chains activate a different spike trap. You will use these spike traps to kill the boss and all his adds.

There are several ways to do this, but personally I always have 4 people on the chains (no one on the chain in the middle) and 1 person who kites the mobs around in the area with the spike traps, so that the other players can kill them. If you’re the one to kite them you should bring some healing/running skills. I personally play as a guardian and use the meditation trait so that meditations heal me. Guardians have the lowest base health in the game but I always manage to do this without getting defeated. If you’re the person to kite the mobs over the traps you shouldn’t be afraid to get downed. You will instantly rally anyway as long as you have people on the spike traps.

If for some reason the adds get through to the rest of the team, they should stay on the traps anyway. Mobs will stop spawning as soon as you’ve killed the boss and a certain amount of adds,  so you will have time to kill the adds that got through later.

You can also do this by letting 2 people handle both chains on each side, and have 3 people kite them. I personally prefer to let 1 person kite while the rest focuses on the traps.

Defend Detha while she repairs the cannons
This is the hardest part of this path. You will be defending Detha while she repairs a cannon. There are 3 cannons so you will have to do this 3 times. There isn’t really any strategy for this fight. Random ascalonian ghosts will spawn and attack you. I usually focus on the elementalists, monks and rangers. The monks heal the others, elementalists have lots of AoE and rangers have a really annoying knockbacks.

Ghost Eater
This boss spawns ectoplasmic oozes. These adds die really fast so I’d advise you to just kill them as soon as he spawns them. He will sometimes go underground and appear somewhere else. When he re-appears he will do big AoE damage so you’ll want to avoid that. The rest of the fight is pretty easy. It is also safe to melee this boss.

Path 3: Colossus Rumblus
Defend the ecto collectors
Here you will have to defend 2 ecto collectors from gravelings.The ecto collectors are at the following places:

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On the top right of your screen you can see how far along the process is. Graveling burrows will spawn all over the room and you need to make sure to kill them as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this. Personally, I usually get everyone to focus the same burrow at the same time. If mobs get through to the ecto collectors you should only need to hit them once to get aggro. Once you get aggro you should help your group kill the nearby burrow. Focus should always be on the burrows here. The mobs will eventually die from all the AoE you're using on the burrows. If one of the ecto collectors get destroyed you can still finish this. It will just take longer. Another way to do this is to let two or three people move on to the next burrow once the current one is down to 10-20% HP.

More and more burrows will start spawning as you get closer to finishing. If you get overwhelmed you can also stop trying to kill the burrows and just kite the mobs instead. As mentioned before, it usually only takes one or two hits to get aggro on the mobs, so you can just hit them and kite them around while waiting for the event to finish. Skills like Time Warp can be very useful near the end when you have to hold just out a bit longer to finish the event.

This part can be pretty hard because of the bug that makes melee characters miss the graveling burrows all the time. If you have a guardian/warrior in your team they should be using their ranged weapons on the burrows.

Defeat the graveling burrows
This is really easy. Burrows and mobs will spawn at the following places:

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You have as long as you need to kill the burrows and the gravelings. The mobs stay near the burrows so there's no way you can aggro any unwanted mobs.

Colossus Rumblus
Before you start this boss fight you can pull all the mobs around him one by one. I usually don't bother killing the mobs all the way in the back and just pull the boss back a bit.

This boss isn't very hard as long as you make sure to revive everyone as soon as they get downed. Every now and then he will start dropping rocks everywhere. One or two hits will down you, so be sure to dodge them. He also uses the howl that the Howling King from the second explorable path does and sometimes he will go underground and turn up somewhere else. When he comes above ground again he will damage and knock back everyone standing near him. His howl hits everyone directly in front and next to him, so try to stay behind the boss.

Jumping Puzzle
After you kill Colossus Rumblus or The Howling King you can head up the stairs in the back of the room to find a jumping puzzle. I personally haven't been able to finish this one yet!

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