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Caudecus's Manor Explorable Guide (Basic)

General Guidelines

  • Assign caller to call targets (or just start calling by yourself). Most fights will be trivial once you get at least one opponent down!
  • Revive or assist downed people with their rally as fast as possible.
  • Respawn as soon as you get defeated. Unless the fight is almost over your teammates won't have the time to get you up.
  • Repair often. Sometimes you need to keep running back the fight (for example to prevent bosses from resetting).
  • When skipping stick together and don't leave people behind!
  • Try to push enemies together for better AoE damage.
  • Try to pull one or two enemies from bigger groups (especially if you wipe on that group).
  • Don't hesitate to fall back if you pull or aggro too much.
  • Check enemies color-codes to prepare properly. A group with many silver enemies is a lot tougher than a group with just normal enemies!
  • Get cheap potions (outlaw) and food from trading post.
  • Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford.
Path 1: Asura

  • Level 45.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Duration: Medium.

Destroying parts
  • Go to cellar (as in story).
  • Avoid pulling too much.

Corridor of riflemen & Sure-Shot Seamus
  • First room contains only turrets, smash them.
  • Reflect shots or use ranged attacks to kill riflemen.
  • Avoid pulling Seamus.
  • Destroy turrets near Seamus as quickly as possible.
  • Seamus knocklocks -> bring stun-breaker and use interrupts (to save someone else).
  • Seamus stops briefly before shooting -> dodge or circle-strafe if meleeing
    - Targeted player can render boss useless by proper positioning and movement (direct his shots away from your group).

The barn
  • Run up to destroy thrash monsters (skipping video allows get there before they spawn).

  • Two attacks: cloak -> stun -> instant-kll and cloak -> AoE bleed.
  • Bring stun-breaker to prevent instant-kill.
  • Bring condition removal for bleed.
  • Split up when she cloaks to avoid AoE bleed.

Big area with lots of enemies
  • Destroy normal monsters from first group with hit&run-tactic.
  • Skip rest of first group and whole second group by hugging left.
    - One player should go first to trigger ambush. Lure them back to avoid aggroing everything.
  • Approaching/attacking two riflemen spawns 4 more riflemen.
    - Kill them or use tactic above.

  • Destroy turrets, destroy golems when awakened.
  • Frost uses two attacks: ice-spray and projectile.
  • Dodge projectile to avoid become frozen crystal (others should destroy it).
  • Dodge & circle-strafe ice-spray.

Path 2: Seraph

  • Level 45.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Duration: Medium.

The beginning
  • Go inside house, go to stairs on left.
  • Go rooms and push buttons (first on right, last on left)
    - If you have problems you can melee some targets through walls.
  • When going back you get ambushed at stairs. Don't fight at stairs to avoid getting sniped.
    - Front door closes, you can still get through corridor south of the building.

Spike room
  • Moving on floor causes spikes to damage you. Use carpets and pillows.
    - Leap/teleport and stability can be used to quickly pass the room.

Bridgette (use ranged swap)
  • When approaching waypoint watch out for ambush on left.
  • Symbol of Faith/Wraith: AoE on her feet. Low damage ticks. Strong Burning. Self Regeneration/Retaliation.
    - Difficult to melee unless bigger range.
    - Targeted player should break line of sight (go behind tree) to pull her out of Symbol.
  • Pure/True Strike: Melee. Medium damage.
    - Stay max-melee range if you want to melee.
  • Spawns Sword: Melee. Low damage.
    - Ignore unless it is attacking.
  • You can skip hunting dog by taking alternative route.

Bombing the gate
  • You need to have five kegs at the door to open it. Bandits carry them back.
  • 1-2 players should kill trash monsters and randomly put kegs around (bait).
  • Rest should just bring mobility (utility skills) and place kegs.
  • If you have problems bring one keg to unreachable location (on table, etc.) and then sync drop 5 kegs without much threat.

Big group with cannons (use ranged swap)
  • Enemies are stationary ranged attackers, attack them from range to limit damage.
    - You can skip the big group by hugging cliff on right.
  • Pull champion away from big group.

Necromancer boss
  • Lays wells: Low/Medium ticks. Different conditions.
    - Avoid circles and bring condition removal.
    - Reviving may be extremely difficult if you die on well.
  • Turns invulnerable and dashes: Multiple conditions on melee-range.
    - Run away, dodge, block, etc.
    - Abuse terrain. Run to tree-house and jump down, etc.

Path 3: Butler

  • Level 45.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Duration: Medium.

Sure-Shot Seamus
  • Focus veterans. Targeted player should kite Seamus around the house.
  • Seamus knocklocks -> bring stun-breaker and use interrupts (to save someone else).
  • Seamus stops briefly before shooting -> dodge or circle-strafe if meleeing
    - Targeted player can render boss useless by proper positioning and movement (direct his shots away from your group).

Corridor of riflemen
  • Pull melees. Destroy turrets.
  • First room is crowded. Pull melee(s?) and destroy turrets before going in.
  • Second room has only turrets.
  • Reflect and use ranged attacks to kill rifle-men.

  • Push "secret" button as in story-mode.
  • Pick airgun, approach rocket turrets one by one and blow rockets back.
    - Note that all fancy tactics about running past them (they turn) or aggroing multiple turrets just gets you killed.

Champion + spike corridor
  • Pull and fall back when dealing with Champion group.
    - To easily get past traps you should sent one player to closed gate before boss dies.
  • Traps get disabled when one player gets past the enemy group (run until you).

Big area with lots of enemies
  • Hug right and jump on rock to avoid first two groups.
    - Even if you take aggro you can probably shake them off by going forward and jumping down.
  • When you jump down there is a room below. Approach two riflemen as a group and head inside.
    - This forces riflemen (2 + 4 from spawns) to cluster up for AoE punishment.
    - If your party still wipes you can pick off lone targets with ranged attacks.

  • No idea what it does (aoe attacks? reflects?)
  • Melee players may go water and hit him from below (alternate between land & water burst-skills).
    - No idea what happens if all players are underwater.
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