Thursday, January 10, 2013

Citadel of Flame Story Mode Guide

The Citadel of Flame is a level 70/75 dungeon located in Fireheart Rise that requires the completion of a group event to access. It follows the story of Logan and Rytlock as they attempt to stop Gatheron Baleflame from becoming… well, Ragnaros.

Story Mode

Rozgar the Forge

Rozgar is fond of large, AoE sword spin attacks, knockdowns and plenty of bleeds. Fight him using ranged weapons and use evasive rolls if he heads toward you. Failing to dodge these attacks will result in imminent death.
As he angers, he’ll ramp up the knockdown attacks and bleeds; again, avoid him at all costs by sticking to ranged DPS, and if possible, have someone cleansing bleeds.

Bolok Firebringer and the Hierophant Improaster

Like most boss encounters in Guild Wars 2, Bolok and the Hierophant can be easily defeated by simply avoiding their attacks and killing the adds they summon. In this case, these attacks are pools of fire that will appear beneath you and kill you almost immediately. These boss fights are separate, but have almost identical strategy.

Flame Legion Effigy

By far the most difficult encounter in the Citadel of Flame, the Flame Legion Effigy can only be defeated once the acolytes that heal him are dead; however, they are shielded, and will not be attackable until he has lost some of his health. This will happen twice, both times healing him to full health, before you can officially begin taking him down.
Attack him using ranged weapons, and keep your distance. He has a constant AoE fire field surrounding him, so it is imperative that you keep range and keep constant DPS. If possible, have someone cleansing the burning effects, and keep moving to avoid his fire attacks.

Gatheron Baleflame

One of several ‘fun’ encounters in Guild Wars 2 dungeons, Gatheron Baleflame is completed by standing within Rytlock’s protective shield and waiting until Gatheron’s giant, fiery boulders have smashed against it. Each boulder will leave behind a Molten Heart, that must be collected, taken up to Gatheron and thrown at him.
Be watchful for giant walls that prevent progression toward Gatheron, and of the constant DoT fire damage taken whilst outside the shield. Gatheron can be attacked using traditional methods briefly when his ‘godform’ is disabled after receiving too much damage.

By Cody Hargreaves


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