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Crucible of Eternity Explorable Mode Guide (Basic)

General Guidelines

  • Assign caller to call targets (or just start calling by yourself). Most fights will be trivial once you get at least one opponent down!
  • Revive or assist downed people with their rally as fast as possible.
  • Respawn as soon as you get defeated. Unless the fight is almost over your teammates won't have the time to get you up.
  • Repair often. Sometimes you need to keep running back the fight (for example to prevent bosses from resetting).
  • When skipping stick together and don't leave people behind!
  • Try to push enemies together for better AoE damage.
  • Try to pull one or two enemies from bigger groups (especially if you wipe on that group).
  • Don't hesitate to fall back if you pull or aggro too much.
  • Check enemies color-codes to prepare properly. A group with many silver enemies is a lot tougher than a group with just normal enemies!
  • Buy cheap potions (inquest for story, undead for exp?) and food from trading post.
  • Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford.
Explorable Mode

  • Level 80.
  • Difficulty: Submarine[1] (medium), Teleporter[2] (easy), Front[3] (medium)
  • Duration: Submarine[1] (medium), Teleporter[2] (medium), Front[3] (medium)

Ice Wolf Champion
  • Highly damaging untelegraphed melee attacks (frost attack about 10k, leap about 15k).

General info: Subject Alpha
  • Teeth of Jormag: High damage delayed AoE. Targets everyone (including allies). One target (with most health?) gets icy version (blue mist forming).
    - Normal version deals damage on outer-circle. Stay inside inner circle, move out outer circle or dodge.
    - Icy version deals damage on inner circle. Move out of inner circle or dodge.
    - When circles overlap you have to dodge.
  • Dragon's Tooth: High damage delayed AoE. Targets everyone (including allies) not in melee-range. Melee suffers minor damage and burning instead.
    - Walk out of the circle.
    - Melee players may dodge burning.
  • Teeth of Mordremoth: High damage AoE line.
    - Dodge based on animation.
    - To completely avoid this attack, disable melee-assists and stay inside Alpha.
  • Crystal-attack during second and third encounter. Some classes can easily teleport/shadowstep out of it. Quickly break it for everyone else.
    - This attack can be dodged requiring luck or awesome reflexes.
    - Stability prevents but won't break.
  • Spawns tendrils during second and third encounter. Use them to rally.
  • Spawns risen during first and second encounter. Try clean them up.
  • Spawns black essences during third enouncter. Kill to prevent healing and to freeze Alpha
    - Freeze is a bug. If you find it unfair then simply apply CC on Alpha to break it.

Submarine[1]: Subject Alpha
  • Doesn't use Earth-AoE.
  • Walk out of Dragon's Tooth. If he was facing you during Dragon's Tooth then dodge incoming Earth-line.
    - Alternatively just disable melee-assist and stay inside Alpha.

Teleporter[2]: Subject Alpha
  • Doesn't use Earth-line.
  • Walk out of Dragon's Tooth. Dodge Spike-AoE if needed.

Front door[3]: Subject Alpha
  • Doesn't use Dragon's Tooth.
  • Dodge Spike-AoE if needed. If he was facing you during Spike-AoE then dodge incoming Earth-line.
    - Alternatively just disable melee-assist and stay inside Alpha (might be hard because of AoE).

Laser field
  • Three people have to pass laser field. Go naked to avoid repair bills.
  • There is gap between moving lasers, you should pass it between those.
    - Use teleports/shadowsteps to by-pass moving parts.
    - Hug wall to avoid moving parts.
  • Coordinate button-pushing.

Advanced Golem
  • Keep Protection turret destroyed. Ignore Retaliation turret.
  • Spins to knockdown melees.
  • Shoots bolts which knockdown (zig-zag to avoid).
  • Creates stunning energy fields.
  • Creates firewalls.
  • Golem locks on first ranged attacker for entire encounter.
    - NPC is a great tank. Allow her to hit first to get aggro.

Submarine[1]: Security room
  • One player hacks one wave while others destroy golems.
    - Bring offense and AoE damage.
  • Kill three veteran golems.
  • Repeat.
    - Multiple people can hack simultaneously. This allows you to hack 2-4 last waves at the same while 1-3 players clean-up. Risky, may backfire.

Submarine[1]: Second Alpha
  • Save inquest to deal huge damage to Alpha.
    - Suggested if Alpha gives problems.
  • Kill inquest to destroy veteran monsters.
    - Suggested because Alpha is easier and faster with decent people.

Submarine[1]: Bjorn
  • Stand in front of pillars. Dodge his charge to remove his armor. Burst.
  • Avoid AoE circles.
  • If Bjorn stops moving everyone should move to melee-range. It is trying to reach someone without moving.

Teleporter & Front Door[2,3]: Closed door + Champion
  • Spread over to protect gun.
  • Kite Champion to prevent Frenzy-stacks.
    - Stuns seem to remove all stacks.

Teleporter[2]: Root boss
  • Half of the players should clean up roots while other half directs bombs at boss with zap-gun.
    - Don't hesitate swap role on fly if needed.
  • Cleaners should do their best to avoid aggroing golems while cleaning roots as fast as possible.
  • Directing golems is bit tricky. Easiest way is to allow them move to middle and then start directing.
    - If golem gets aggroed even once it may refuse to act accordingly!

Front door[3]: Spider Champion
  • Skippable.
  • Stands still for a while to cast 2-3 extremely damaging Lava Fonts (6k-7k ticks).

Front door[3]: Evolved Destroyer
  • Destroyer casts Dragon's Tooth every ~5 seconds at one player.
    - Gun users need to watch out and move a bit.
    - People near Destroyer need to watch out and move a bit while also avoiding shield and lava.
    - Use single-time blocks or other skills to help (especially when near Destroyer).
  • 2-3 players should use guns to remove shield (no need for coordination).
    - One player can do both upper guns with mobility.
    - Players with 1500 range attacks should use guns because they can hit Destroyer from above while shield is down.
    - Alternatively gun users can also go down to burst (risky but bit faster). Use stairs to get back.
  • 2-3 players should go down, stand between shield & lava and burst Destroyer while shield is down.
    - When shield starts blinking you have few more seconds.
    - Play safe. Skip bursting if you need to heal. Get back early if unsure.
    - Bring stun-breaker to quickly get back if you get knocked back to lava.
    - Jump while on lava to reduce damage taken.
    - Alternatively players can start from top and use stairs to get back.
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