Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crucible of Eternity Story Mode Guide (Basic)

General Guidelines

  • Assign caller to call targets (or just start calling by yourself). Most fights will be trivial once you get at least one opponent down!
  • Revive or assist downed people with their rally as fast as possible.
  • Respawn as soon as you get defeated. Unless the fight is almost over your teammates won't have the time to get you up.
  • Repair often. Sometimes you need to keep running back the fight (for example to prevent bosses from resetting).
  • When skipping stick together and don't leave people behind!
  • Try to push enemies together for better AoE damage.
  • Try to pull one or two enemies from bigger groups (especially if you wipe on that group).
  • Don't hesitate to fall back if you pull or aggro too much.
  • Check enemies color-codes to prepare properly. A group with many silver enemies is a lot tougher than a group with just normal enemies!
  • Buy cheap potions (inquest for story, undead for exp?) and food from trading post.
  • Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford.

Story Mode

  • Level 78.
  • Difficulty: Medium?.
  • Duration: Medium?.
  • Work in progress (may take while, not very popular).
  • Inquest Megablasters shoot homing balls, bring Swiftness to out-run them.

Hack room
  • Bring mobility, survivability and control.
  • Spread over to protect Zoijja and keep kiting.

Mr. Sparkles
  • Grab gun.
  • Stay inside shield and shoot sparks.

Kudu with suit
  • Two attacks: spin and melee.
  • Spin stuns on melee and creates stunning circles.
  • Melee one hits.

  • His killshot one hits, break LoS or dodge.

Big monster
  • Bring condition removal.
  • Dodge all stomps (one may one-hit unless stability).
by Wethospu


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