Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Elementalist PvE Build (Speed/DPS)

PVE encounters will typically begin in Air Attunement and finish in Fire Attunement. Water/Earth are situational, to be used when under high duress (low hp, no cooldowns available, long fights and group support). The general skill rotation should involve:

  1. Initiating by closing distance.
  2. Quickly building stacks of Might.
  3. Finishing with burst DPS

Here's a simple example rotation:
[Air] Blinding Flash -> Ride the Lightning (switch to Fire)

[Fire] Ring of Fire -> Dragon's Tooth -> Phoenix -> Arcane Wave -> Glyph of Ele (if need more DPS) -> FIRE GRAB.

At this point, a regular trash encounter would usually be complete. If not, then switch to Air...

[Air] Updraft (create some distance) -> Blinding Flash, and return to step one.

A successfully fast combination of Elemental Attunement, Dragon's Tooth, Phoenix, Arcane Wave and Glyph of Ele will grant you 15 stacks of might; significantly boosting your Power and making your Fire Grab extremely lethal. This may be overkill for many encounters, so you could choose to skip Ele Attune and/or Arcane Wave. Weave in Utility skills as necessary if you need Swiftness, extra AOE, etc. Switch attunements if you are being pressed hard.
by sinisterpink


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