Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Engineer sPvP Build (Alchemical Drunk)


I won't be going quite as in depth as I did with my PVE Build. If you want to read more about my love for the two main focuses of this build (Firearms & Alchemy) check that build out.With this build you'll have extremely high precision with an almost endless supply of Fury, Might, and Swiftness, which means you'll be landing criticals constantly and stacking your conditions on your foes.

The Drunk with a Gun (Alchemy & Firearms)

Alchemy and Firearms are the focus of this build.With firearms you'll be maximizing you damage output, critical chance, and stacking conditions. This is the bread and butter of the build. Rifled Barrels makes you hit harder, Precise Sights stacks vulnerability on crit (which allows for more damage output), and Hair Trigger allows you to constantly be spamming your pistol abilities.
Alchemy is like throwing fuel on the fire. Your damage will be increased, your survivability goes through the roof, and with the traits and the toolbelt skills you'll be able to escape just about any life threatening situation.

Inventions or Explosives

Two choices for the final 10 points.Inventions: This gives you added toughness and healing, the passive gives you some extra slippery survivability, and Energized Armor allows you to truly benefit from your inherent Toughness.
Explosives: This will give you even more damage output. The passive is weaker than Inventions' passive, but the Incendiary Powder is incredible. It gives you ANOTHER condition to stack.
The choice here is a personal one, I prefer the extra survivability.


Unlike other PVP builds I've seen that utilize the condition stacking of the Engineer profession this build doesn't go for dual pistols.Weapons:
I don't particularly like the offhand pistol skills for pvp, I know they provide a burn and an AoE slow, but when compared to the skills that the Shield offers there just isn't any comparison. Just read them:
Magnetic Field: Create a magnetic field that reflects projectiles and when released can push back foes.
When utilized correctly that's an AMAZING ability.
Static Shield: Electrify your shield, preparing to throw it at your foes. If you are hit, the shield discharges, stunning your nearby attacker.
Again, if utilized correctly that ability is invaluable in PVP.
These two abilities drastically increase your surviability and slipperiness in a combat situation. Not to mention the stats and survivability a shield gives you alone.
Amulet, Jewels, Runes & Sigils:
Remember this build's damage focus is on conditional damage so all of these items focus on improving them.
Rabid Amulet & Jewels - Just an amazing amount of extra conditional damage, criticals, and toughness.
We use two weapon sigils here, Superior Sigil of Earth, which gives a 60% chance to stack yet another bleed and a Superior Sigil of Ice, which gives a 30% chance to chill your target on critical. Basically every time you crit you have a high likelihood to put a condition on your target if not multiple conditions. Slowing your foe with chill is fantastic in a game like this with such high mobility.
Superior Rune of the Afflicted (x6) - With all 6 your conditions will last longer and do more damage and when you die you'll toss out an AoE death nova.


You are the harbinger of death and decay with a serious drinking problem and a love for shooting things.This build has a lot of tricks and abilities to understand and it will take you some time to master it, but once you have you will be one of the hardest characters to kill on the map.
I have tried many builds in pvp and this is by far the funnest. Constantly frustrating your enemies by preventing them from keeping you locked down and all the time that they waste trying to kill you, you're destroying them and by the time they realize it and try to run away it's far too late. Even when you get killed you still get the last laugh with your death nova.

by Bewbtube


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