Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Engineer WvW Build (Survival)

Pretty basic Survival Build. I find Dual Pistols to be much more effective than the shield or the Rifle. And I liked the rifle...much more CC but no AoE. Condition spec's are very popular and I can see why, they do an absurd amount of DPS when done right.

(Build below)

I love the Engineer, got to level 80 just yesterday. Bomb Healing is my primary spec at the moment.

Basically its MY WvW spec. Stacking healing power and using the Dwayna Runes. Running with a group is always a good idea. Stick with the tightest group of people possible. Here is a few things I figured out:

Bomb Heals ARE effected by healing power.
There is no limit on how many players can be affected by this. Everyone in the blast zone gets healed/hurt.
I use this on the door, heals everyone on the rams and smacking the door, as well as hurts every enemy trying to get in the side door. It does not outheal the potential AoE on the door, but it does seem to make a difference.
They are absolutely Fantastic for tanking since you also heal yourself. Solo'd Champions!
Also really good for running away from a fight, drop that Glue bomb and Run away!
Because its pretty much Melee Range, you do need all that extra speed to catch up and stay ahead of the group for the heals to affect allies and to hurt enemies.
If you find yourself in a 1vX situation, pull out your pistols, will fare much better. Mesmers suck.
Elixer U is great for an extreme burst of healing.
Sometimes I swap the mine for Charr's Battle Roar, the Vigor buff is very handy since dodging also drops a bomb.

Comparing bombs and grenades seems like a very one sided competition. You'd think grenades would be vastly Superior to bombs in every way, damage, range, and AoE. But theres a couple things that I just didn't like about grenades, one Ground Targeting is a huge crutch and time waster for damage output, I use the mouse for camera so the quick cast thing is not an option, making it harder to throw grenades while on the move. Another common theme with AoEs in this game is that they all have a "buildup time", for Grenades its the travel time from the time you throw them to the time they explode, the further you are, the longer it takes, and the easier they are to avoid.

by Wolfie


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