Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honor of the Waves Explorable Mode Guide (Basic)

Path 1

Dungeon begins with a room with some Svanir in it (primarily rangers). At the back of the room there are 2 corrupted ice turrets and 2 Mages. Immediately after that there is an event (counts towards daily and gives you XP and gold reward)
  • Event 1: Kill the Dragon Totem
You can kill the totem from outside the room with ranged single target attacks and then deal with the rangers inside. Next you can go one of two ways, up stairs:
  • Optional Event 1: Kill the Dragon Totem
Requires you to fight a pack of 4 Icebrood wolves, that can spawn more wolves (non elites). If all 4 synchronize jump on someone they are guaranteed downed and if they are squishy, maybe die. Or you can stay at ground level, kill the 4 Icebrood and the ballista and move on. Be warned that if you are not careful you may aggro the wolves anyway.
  • Icebrood Troll
Really straightforward fight. A Gold Icebrood troll is there, he hits kind of hard. A strong defense guardian can tank him the whole time, or just kite him around in that area. He gives a chest
  • Aldus Stormbringer
He is in the next room giving a speech to the large group of non-elite Svanir in the room. He is also very easy, he puts frost AoE on the ground that does damage to everyone inside. He throws ice projectiles out to everyone in the room (can be blocked) and spawns small frost AoE on the sides of the room (almost constantly). He gives a chest as well.
After Aldus, you jump down a hole that appears in the floor of the room, kill 2 more ballistas that are guarded by 2 Icebrood mages each. There is then optional event 2
  • Optional Event 2: Kill the Dragon Totem
If you go up the stairs next to the ballistas you just killed there is a Totem that has 1 Icebrood Kodan and several Icebrood wolves (4?). This is a fairly difficult fight if not everyone knows how to handle the wolves.
There is a long hallway next to the ballistas with red circles on the ground and an Icebrood ranger at the end. Getting hit by the traps sends you back 1 "space" to where another trap can spawn. It takes a little getting used to but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Run to the end and kill the ranger, pull the chain on the right side and go into the next room that has 2 Icebrood Kodans. Kill them both and you open the door to the final boss.
  • Ginva The Butcher:
He hits pretty hard, can pull people into him, throws frost AoE on the ground, and spins around (instant down, can also kill if you are squishy), while spinning he reflect projectiles. There are 3 totems in the room. Regeneration, Protection, and Retaliation. He gives a chest and dungeon reward after death. There are 3 basic ways to kill him.
1. Have two non-condition damage people focus totems (usually regeneration and protection) so he has fewer buffs, and have three people fight and kite him.
2. Have everyone pile on boss and ignore totems, if you can keep him near the Regeneration totem, even better.
3. (Requires very tanky and skilled guardian [maybe warrior?]) Have guardian hold aggro on Butcher and keep him in 1 corner and have people nuke the boss, this allows AoE skills to have maximum effect since he is not moving. Keep all other melee on totems, or using ranged weapons.

Path 2

  • Slay Torn Fur
There are a few mobs around, but they are fairly weak. Area Knockback around himself. Straightforward fight.
  • Legendary Jaddeor Icefist / Legendary Balgren Creedbreaker
Jaddeor Icefist sometimes rushes forward, leaving an area of ice and knocking back the group.
Icebroon elements will spawn during the fight Legendary Balgren Creedbreaker, fears occasionally.
First chest
  • Defeat Andal and his minions
Andal breathes cold air, also has a very dangerous AE; downs most characters. Be on the move.
Second chest
  • Wollam the Plunder
Underwater fight. Throws mines and rushes at you (very dangerous, downs on the spot). Best to fight in the bigger cave.
Third Chest

Path 3

  • Legendary Fimbul
Typical hammer boss; will iceblock to heal. When iced, attack the ice block and not him to break it before he can heal by tabbing.
  • Sorge the Zealot
Underwater boss that spawns Gigantic Arctic Jellyfish (elite) and barracuda (non-elite). Do not attempt to kill the jellyfish. Barracuda need not be focused; just ignore them. The jellyfish will explode for 70-80% of your health. If you go out of the water, he will deal massage frost damage. Other than that, it is an easy final boss.


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