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Honor of the Waves Story Mode Guide

This Honor of the Waves dungeon guide for Guild Wars 2 includes basic info, a map for the location and strategies for both normal and explorable mode of the dungeon. Get your group to read this dungeon guide to assure yourself a smooth run through all of the objectives and boss fights in Honor of the Waves.

Basic Info

  • Dungeon Name: Honor of the Waves
  • Territory: Norn
  • Location: Frostgorge Sound, Shiverpeak Mountains
  • Level: 76 Story Mode, 80 Explorable Mode

Map Location

Story Mode Dungeon Guide


The kodan are new arrivals to this part of Tyria. A dragon champion has crippled one of these ships, and ice minions have invaded its halls. One of the two leaders, the Voice, is trapped within, and her co-leader, the Claw, must rescue her before she succumbs to the power of the Jormag-worshipping Sons of Svanir.
Following her argument with Zojja in Sorrow’s Embrace, Eir has fled north, and seeks to help the Claw rescue the Voice, or avenge her. Caithe is worried that the heroic norn will attempt to throw her life away.

Objectives and Boss Fights

Destroy the Ice Spike
There will be adds spawning but you will be better off focusing down the Ice Spike as fast as possible since it will do damage to the whole party and be a huge distraction.

Defeat Kulag the Fallen
Kulag the Fallen will be in the middle of the room and his most powerful move will be an AoE ice spike. So when you see the red circles be sure to dodge and you will defeat him with no problem.

Defeat Hirvela the Lost
Hirvela the Lost is a Svanir Warrior who cripples, chills, reflects projectiles, freezes and transforms. Because of this any ability that can cleanse or reduce control on you will be very helpful. Since he also reflects projectiles it will be a lot easier if you can get up close and melee him down.

Defeat Lani Winterfist
Lani Winterfist can be difficult especially if you do not take out the ice spikes in the hallway. They will all do aoe damage to the group and overwhelm you very fast if you don’t take them out first. After they are gone focus down Lord Winterfist and dodge his AoE.

Defeat Honor’s Voice
Honor’s Voice will spawn adds through out the fight and they do a lot of damage so take them down right away. He has a lot of health so this fight will take a while, just remember to keep up with the adds or you will be dying a lot. If you die you have to run back and try to avoid the ice spikes on the way to get there quickly.

Defeat the Huntsman of Jormag: Kodan’s Bane and Bane’s Teeth
The final boss fight is against Kodan’s Bane and his pet Bane’s Teeth. The first order of business is taking down Bane’s Teeth who breathes ice and does a knockback. Pull him back the way you came and try to get separation from Kodan’s Bane. If you are lucky you will lose aggro on him and be able to focus on the pet by itself. After the pet is down you can focus on Kodan’s Bane without having to deal with his pet’s chill and knockback.


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