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Mesmer PvE Build

Build Discussion

    Domination: Reduced GS CD and +Mind wrack damage are pretty obvious for a power build. If you don't prefer to shatter you can switch +mindwrack damage with + illusion damage.

    Dueling: Vigor on crit is amazing. It synergizes with the clone on dodge trait which is how you will be getting to the 3 clone cap and shattering. Pretty much use GS 2 + Berserker + Roll then mind wrack. For getting one shot in phantasms having fury is a pretty nice trait. The fury apparently lasts 3 hours on the phantasms.

    Illusions: Shattered strength + Illusionary Persona are pretty standard for shatter builds. IP lets you use distortion with no clones up and that itself is amazing. The other two traits are interchangeable to how you want to play. The +3% damage for each clone applies to mind wrack and thats why I take it with a shatter build. It also synergizes well if I want to keep my phantasms in play instead of shattering. Shatter skills recharging at 50% is mainly to save me if I had already blown distortion and need it again. Can use the +10% crit chance on mind wrack if you like or the double bounce trait.

Skill Discussion

    Null Field and Feedback are pretty standard. I use blink because it is a stun/knockdown breaker and gives me some distance unlike mirror images or decoy. I also use it to port through some dungeon puzzles like the lasers in CoE and get me to a safe spot if an aoe is on my position.
    I switch out portal whenever needed to help people with certain dungeon traps. Feedback can also be swapped when you know the boss you are facing isn't going to be doing any ranged projectiles.
    For general PvE I find feedback to be not that useful and switch it out for Mirror Images or Decoy for more clone generation and another stun break.
    Time Warp is not to be underestimated. It can be used offensively and defensively. Offensively its great to speed up dungeon runs. People really don't realize how great time warp is in dungeons until they actually play with a few mesmers who chain it one after the other. Defensively you can use it to revive party members quickly when you notice that your party may wipe unless you get people up.

Shatter/Power Mesmer

    This build is in a very common setup for shatter/power mesmers (20/20/0/0/30). So why run a shatter/power setup? Imo, condition builds are not very consistent because they two of the three damaging conditions only increase in duration, and the other has a 25 stack cap. Depending on your party composition, your build setup could be rendered pretty insignificant. Additionally, mobs in PvE don't attack fast enough for confusion and retaliation to really do all that much. Another reason is that the conditions that the mesmer applies are completely random so your damage isn't going to be very consistent.

    I feel like people dismiss the shatter abilities on a Mesmer in PvE. Although true that they provide great burst, they also provide tremendous utility. Mind Wrack is one of your only AoE abilities as a Mesmer, grants you might due to traits, and does great damage even if you only have 2 clones up. Cry of Frustration is so-so since we are not going condition damage, but if you need more might stacks its there for you to use when the others are on CD. Diversion is amazing for dungeons. Why? It removes stacks of defiant on certain bosses due to be considered a CC ability. It can remove multiple stacks at once as well. Distortion is also amazing. Use it when you need to revive a downed ally in the front lines and just lol at your 4 seconds of invulnerability. Also some bosses like in CoE spam AoE's and if you are out of endurance or can't get away fast enough diversion is a life saver.

    Why shatter phantasms? I feel that your phantasms can only get 1-2 attacks off before they are off CD again. In dungeons where they die to 1-shot AoE's its better that you shatter for more damage/utility than to hope they survive. I usually have 2 clones and 1 phantasm and shatter asap.

Weapon Selection

    Greatsword is the goto power build weapon. The berserker is one of the two AoE phantasms Mesmers have and due to the nature of his attack can hit more than 5 targets with his aoe. He can also move unlike the warden. Berserker is also one of the fastest summoned phantasms so its easy to get him out, let him attack, then shatter. GS 5 is also good for giving you some breathing room when mobs begin to head towards the backline of ranged damage dealers. GS 3 is just filler for damage and a small aoe and have niche uses, however. GS 2 is used mainly for clone generation but its nice that it also causes vulnerability.

    Staff may seem unusual in a power build but if you consider that phantasms benefit off of your power trait instead of condition damage it makes more sense. I mainly stay in GS until I need to be more defensive then I bring out the staff for Chaos Armor's protection and phase retreat. Use chaos storm defensively on party members instead of on mobs. The damage really is pitiful so its better that your party members get an Aegis boon or regen than to do a few points of damage. The beauty of taking the staff is that in situations where shattering may provide less damage than having phantasms up or situations where its easy to keep your phantasms up Warlock is the best phantasm in group settings due to its damage increasing with conditions on enemies. It also stays up longer than berserker due to it being ranged.

    Sword/Focus I use when doing general PvE due to Mesmer's lack of speed. I sit in GS when I need to do damage or gather groups or just faceroll dodge 2x -> sword #2 -> shatter for 1-2 enemies. I don't use staff in general PvE because I find I can survive without out.


    Currently running full berserkers and having no real issues with survivability. However, I am trying to get a Power/Vit/Toughness set with precision runes and seeing how that goes. I think this will be the best set for surviviability and can be reused in WvW or running past mobs to nodes.
    You need 3 sigils: Bloodlust, Fire, and Air. Bloodlust is used for general pve/running around, but I prefer fire or air for dungeons. Any small mistake can get you downed in dungeons so bloodlust doesn't really have time to build to 25 stacks, however in regular PvE it increases your damage by so much. You, as a mesmer, lack AoE damage. Fire gives you another AoE to your very limited options and does good damage. However, fire can proc and aggro enemies you didn't want so have a weapon with Air just in case. Air also does more damage single target wise I think.

I hoped this helped some people who were still stuck/bored with the condition build. The ramp up time to do damage is a lot faster with this build and in general PvE you can chain pull and shatter for amazing damage.

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