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Necromancer WvW Build (Critmancer)

The Critmancer
The best of both worlds

UPDATED: October 2, 2012
Change Log:
Sept 21 – Deathshroud Update
Sept 30 – Utility Bar Update
Oct 1 – Right Tool/Strengths of class
Oct 2 – Patch Fixes from Oct1 Update
Role: Balanced
Range: Mid Range 900-1200
Death Shroud Use: Offensive and Defensive
Focus:Power and Conditions
Crit Highs:
Lifeblast 3300 / Staff 4 2300 / Life Drain 4200 ending damage
Bleeds – 100ish tick dmg

After playing WvW for a solid amount of time and learning the different trends on how capture points change and supplies become targets only to swap to towers etc. I have a long history from DAOC and Warhammer and I was fairly sure I knew what I was looking for when I rolled the Necromancer and I think I am getting pretty close to finding it. The build itself is a hybrid that takes two distinct specs for the Necromancer and combines them. What I think makes it special is the natural cycle in which the abilities roll off and compliment each other, but more on that later.

Build “Hybrid” Concept:
One of the nice things about GW’s is the overall unique nature in which it was devised. The combat system and stating of the gear is very customizable and there are unique methods to achieve various stat numbers that would otherwise be OP if found on a piece of gear. Building off that we have the two aspects of the build.

Power/+ Crit Dmg
Superior Sigil of Blood Lust – +250 Power at Full Stacks
Food – +200 Might for 30s after you kill something +10% crit damage +10 experience
I’ll be honest it feels like a bit of a band-aid but when you farm some mobs real quick outside the spawn keep you can usually get at least 10 stacks before you engage anyone. The food really shines when you start attacking points or engaging enemy players and you start to constantly see the buff lingering longer than you might originally expect. 30 seconds in a fight can be a long time to kill something to prolong the stack. Not to mention each kill with the (Staff I put Blood lust on) weapon that has your BL rune will keep pumping your Power up.

One of the biggest complaints that Conditionmancers have is that there is no burst what so ever. I can attest to this as I first designed my Necro for full Conditions and was able to stack up to 1450 condition damage. Unfortunately my bleeds were only ticking for roughly 112-120ish and while I do not believe there are diminishing returns I did feel that stacking the condition damage to high was “putting all your eggs in one basket” and for WvW that wasn’t as effective as I felt I could have been. Not even adding in the already mentioned issues with Conditions for us (Necros) in general. So basically what I did was focus my Runes on Conditions.
I chose Superior Rune of Undead because it has the most +condition damage totally 250
28+55+100+5% of toughness is added to condition dmg.
Once again I am trying to get as much stat power as I can in the allotted spaces we have.

Ending Stats:
((Its late aka early in the morning so I will post exacts tomorrow, Numbers are rough/rounded estimates))
Fully buffed from food with +250 Power stacks no Boons
Attack – 3000
Crit – 40% + 54% Crit Damage
Condition Damage – 1100 (97-100 bleed ticks)
Toughness – 1275
21,000 HP

Traits 20/30/0/0/20
20 Spite
- VI – Reaper’s Might – Lifeblast and Plague Blast grant Might
+ Adding stacks of Might when your Life Force bar is full and you have Fury from entering DS your LBs usually crit around 3200 with full self buffs mentioned above.
- VII – Spiteful Marks – Marks deal 10% more damage
+I am in the staff a lot usually either building Bloodlust stacks or dropping Marks in the rear. It may not initially appear so but when you stack this trait with 50% chance to crit and for 40% more it can be quite a hit. Staff 2 3 and 4 if they all crit can hit for well over 4-4.5k.

30 Curses
- II – Hemophilia – +20% Bleed duration
+Conditionmancer staple
- VII – Master of Corruption – Corruption Skills Recharge 20% faster
+ Might get some flack here, it’s a personal choice. I love Corrupt Boon. I feel it is the ultimate game changer when your trying to burn a single target down. 8 seconds off the duration (40 ->32 seconds) is nice. Especially when it was being replaced by inflicting blind also inflicts chill.
- XI – Lingering Curses – Scepter conditions last 33% longer
+Conditonmancer staple

20 Soul Reaping
- II – Vital Persistence – Death Shroud drains Lifeforce 25% slower
+Obvious with how much you are naturally switching in and out.
- VI – Unyielding Blast – Lifeblast pierces and causes Vulnerability
+One of your power attacks and finishers at mid range when people are downed. Adding a pierce and vuln to it along with might makes it quite powerful.
- X – Soul Marks – Marks generate 3% Life Force
+It appears as if this trait is broken and not all the Marks are applying the life force gain?? I really like the idea because without Spectral Armor on the Utility Bar it is only going to fire at <50%. That means your only Life Force control is Staff 1 and Scepter 3. With DS being so important it really is nice. I think at least a few Marks apply the 3% I’ve used it a bunch and have been pleased if not ignorant of the overall results in my quest to perfect my gear numbers.

Utility Skills
Blood is Power – Good heavy long duration bleed for bleed, great as a queue up for Epidemic
Epidemic – Need I say moar? It’s natural synergy with both the food this spec uses and the Sigil make it a MUST.

Corrupt Boon – My personal Choice. I think it adds an Ace in the Hole if we are having trouble dropping a single target. Nothing is better than seeing a Guardians full stack of boons vanish in a wave of Conditions that can then be naturally cast epidemic on everyone. Oh and their panic as God mode has been stolen from them.

UPDATE – 9/30/2012
Well of Suffering – A new favorite of mine with the boosts to Power. I can really hit hard with the ticks if people are not moving out of this. Great for Offense/Defense of sieges and for zerg fighting.

Corrosive Poison Cloud – Another great addition if you are running with Well of Suffering. It will benefit from conditions and it is a constant poison (Heal debuff) in similar situations of Well of Suffering.

Spectral Walk – Obviously a speed boost and great for a solo roamer. I have used this ability for it’s immediate buff when dealing with a more melee group. It can really turn the tide and out-position opponents.

Elite Skill – Plague – You could make arguments for any of the Elite skills. I prefer Plague because I’ve found it’s use in defense of points or attacking groups of enemies is just unbelievable. Practically a perma blind/bleed machine with a cripple if needed. Oh and the bleeds hitting for 100 is nice too.

Inherit Weaknesses
coming soon

The Right tool for the Right Situation
Foreword: I use Epidemic on most if not all specs. To not to is to silly IMO with points invested in condition damage
Taking a look a the Utility skills is where this build needs to look for it’s “perks”. These will really define what the class is going to be geared for doing. It’s important to note that this spec can be flexible in it’s effectiveness across a long span of WvW gameplay.
For solo roaming and small group engagements?
Blood is Power/Spectral Walk/Epidemic
Well of Suffering/CPC/Epidemic
Small to large group fighting?
Well of Suffering or Corrupt Boon/BiP/Epidemic
Use you Utility skills to your advantage, each of them excel in their specific area and should be used exclusively. You will find this build work 10x better if you are constantly rotating these abilities to handle the scenario presented.

Death Shroud Use
I do feel there are some issues with DS but it mainly that DS 2 takes too long to reach the target and DS 3 fear is to short. Not to mention the traits for DS need a look because there are ones that are broken and ones that are just plain useless
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read on these forums that DS is only being used as an “oh kitten” button for when the Necro needs to escape. This makes me want to Facepalm because Necros are getting hung up on the whole “second life bar” aspect of it and are not putting the particular tools of the mechanic to good use.
To start, DS is really going to be something that is dependent on your build. It can be as much an offensive weapon as it is a defensive. In terms of my particular build I use it more for its offensive capabilities but do leave room for the defensive when needed.
  1. The first thing to remember about DS is that your Lifeblast will hit the hardest from 100% life force to 75% give or take. After that the numbers significantly decrease to where at 50% it’s no longer really viable to spam. Not to mention I have traited to gain Fury when I enter DS usually giving me roughly 70% chance to crit as well as Might (and Vuln/Pierce of you choose it) on Lifeblast. What does this mean for you? You are now a Power machine that is able to pump out 2500-3500 lifeblast crits. I usually get around 3/5 crits before my Life force drops too far and I swap out.
  2. The second thing is to never stay in Death Shroud for too long. It is a situational mechanic (which will be explained later) that really shines when you try to perform quick actions then swap back out. Lingering too long will set you back in the long run with Life Force if you don’t have ample means of gaining it back. It will also leave you without that emergency button second health bar and as stated make your attacks weak.
  3. The third is and final thing is that it is an incredible downed finisher. My highest crits come from Lifeblast on downed targets that I could not get to in melee due to damage. I am able to sit on tower walls on Lifeblast finish people if they are too close as well.
Situational Uses:
  • Gap Closer – A very effective gap closer (if it didn’t take so long to get to the target if they are moving away). With the build I have here I am able to close the gap and immediately stack bleeds and start pumping Lifeblast and building might stacks. Swapping out I can now stack conditions and overwhelm them.
  • Downed Finisher – Pretty much explained this one, LB is a great finisher if you are unable to engage a target for the Finish in melee.
  • AoE Finisher – You can stack all your Conditions and then Epidemic, Swap to Death Shroud, Gap Close if needed and then hit your Life Drain and wtach the health abrs tumble, especially if you have Might stacks.
  • On Demand Burst – One of the lacking areas of the Conditionmancer, the Critmancer is able to turn DS into a 3k crit machinegun to finish off opponents if they DoTs aren;t doing it. Most classes are still panicking when they see the spam crits.
  • Interrupt – Not at easy as you might think, the Fear is actually great for interrupting a heal or cast.
  • Oh Kitten – Yes it can be used for this. I know I will burn it for the added buffer of damage just to make sure I don’t lose my 25 stacks of Bloodlust. The key is to play the Necro so that this truly is the LAST RESORT. This class is not strong when it gets separated from the pack by a group of others. There are no escape measures except surviving till help arrives or you can zone in somewhere safe.

 by Zintair


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