Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ranger sPvP Build (Bunker)

Hello, friends!

There seem to be a lot of Rangers on the forums recently claiming that Rangers have no place in PvP and are “useless” outside of PvE. This is patently untrue.

A lot of Rangers don’t want to share their builds because they’re afraid of not being a unique snowflake or something. I don’t know. In any case, I’m here to share my Ranger PvP build. This is what I use in sPvP and tPvP and it’s pretty spectacular. I know that at least one or two other Rangers on the forums run something incredibly similar, so I don’t have to worry about being a unique snowflake.

There are a few variations, but they all do essentially the same thing: provide high survivability through damage mitigation, non-removable healing, and condition removal. Damage is medium to medium-high with on command burst potential and tough, high damage pets.

Weapon Selection:
Weapons are highly variable, as there is no specific focus on any particular weapon, just on survivability. There is a slight benefit to using weapons which benefit from condition damage as there is +300 condition damage right off the bat from Wilderness Survival. I personally prefer direct damage as the only way to avoid it is through high armor or complete mitigation (block, dodge, etc.).
  • Sword
    Sword provides a lot of burst potential due to the high attack speed. Burst can be drastically improved on command via quickness through either Quickening Zephyr every 60 seconds or Zephyr’s Speed every 15 seconds. In addition, on demand evasion potential is gained through weapon skills.
  • Off Hand Options
  • Dagger is an ideal pairing for sword. The extra evasive attacks pair very well with the sword. Crippling Talon prevents targets from easily escaping and the poison from Stalker’s Strike can prevent an opponent from healing as effectively.
  • Torch can provide extra damage for a condition build as well as a fire combo field that can benefit axe main hand by applying burning or sword via fire aura. Not as useful for a direct damage build.
  • Axe has limited usefulness for most builds. Whirling Defense is an excellent counter to ranged attackers, but has limited usefulness in melee combat as it greatly limits mobility. On the upside, it can apply up to 12 stacks of vulnerability to anyone dumb enough to stay in melee range and is excellent inside combo fields. Path of Scars is also an excellent AoE column attack.
  • Warhorn is the second best choice for pairing with sword, assuming it isn’t taken as an off hand for the axe in the second weapon set. Call of the Wild is arguably one of the best boons in the game. Hunter’s Call provides an excellent amount of burst and is unlikely to be obstructed while in melee range.
  • Greatsword
    Greatsword is an excellent defensive option and has the potential for the highest burst when used in combination with QZ and ZS. Evasion is excellent during quickness, but otherwise requires auto attack to be turned off to use reliably on demand, which hurts overall damage. Excellent ranged defense with Counterattack.
  • Ranged Options
  • Axe is an excellent choice to pair with sword/dagger as it allows warhorn to be used as well. Off hand options for the axe are the same as above, though anything other than torch or warhorn are not highly recommended.
  • Longbow is an effective tool to control an opponent headed into melee range. Barrage can be used to slow and damage an approaching opponent while they are softened up with Hunter’s Shot and Rapid Fire.
  • Shortbow can be used as a primary weapon in a condition build. Sword/torch makes an excellent secondary weapon for shortbow, allowing the placement of a fire field which allows fire aura, as well as burning from the shortbow while an enemy is in melee range.
Personal preference plays a large part here. I personally put Hydromancy on melee weapons coupled with Fire if dual wielding. Energy on ranged weapons coupled with Fire if dual wielding. The reasoning is that swapping will happen in melee range and Hydromancy causes an AoE chill effect and damage. After finishing an opponent in melee combat, the switch back to a ranged weapon should happen, replenishing any energy lost through dodge rolling. Fire is my preferred damage sigil as it does a good amount of damage and it’s an AoE.

By nldixon


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