Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ranger WvW Build (Trapper)

I have 3k kills in WvW and the ranger Conditional/Trap build I find to be the most fun, but oddly I don't see many people doing it.

The playstyle is aggressive and with it you're able to roam solo, group or help the zerg.
( I often switch traits).

This build completely sacrifices crit for conditional dmg and survival via toughness and vitality and endurance. With it I am able to take considerable dmg and so I can stay on the front line or push hard and do decent when overwhelmed (like a 2v1). You want of course to have all exoric armor and I highly suggest getting the PVP accessories.

* Toughness: 1485
* Vitality: 1550
* Conditional Dmg: 1200
* Power: 1780
The key to being effective is weapon swapping via actually dragging your weapons onto your character when out of combat. Yes it is counter intuitive but it's a must.
Open Field
  1. In open fights you always want to be using a shortbow/horn/axe to both snare, stack bleeds and get the extra crit bonus.
  2. Your effective bleed will tick for over 100 with the right gear (mine is about 102), use your abilities to gain speed and flank/shoot, you will quickly gain lots of stacks. This is why you need survivability, the longer the fight lasts the better you get and the more surprised your enemy will be when he suddenly realizes the table has flipped in your favor (usually about 5-10 seconds into the fight).
  3. Use the eagle pet and birds of prey, with a sigil of earth (bleed % one) they will cause even more bleeds.
  4. Lightning reflexes is amazing. Use it to play aggressively, you can rush in to lay traps and bounce out in conjunction with quickshot. Or even better lay down entangle on fleeing groups. In solo fight use it often so you have more chances to dodge.
  5. Time your abilities for maximum kiting, in conjunction with the right pet you can avoid being hit.
  6. Don't forget to swap weapons and also don't forget about swiftblade.
This build is incredible at keeps by using traps and massive dps with snares.
  1. In keeps you should switch to longbow/torch/horn and also switch out an ability to get sharpening stone.
  2. This build makes traps ranged so you can decimate keep walls defenders or door attackers, by the following sequence,
    Sharpening stone-->barrage-->Spikes-->flame trap-->throw torch. (and snake trap if you want to go nuts). Also entangle is amazing here.
  3. Keep lighting reflexes , when all your traps are up go out the door and lay down some havoc (try it with quick ground targeting). Always position yourself in front of the door because you will be snared, pop lighting reflexes and wham your back inside the keep.
  4. Use hunters call when attacking keeps, it does not need los, and can finish a player on low health that has backed away from the wall. Also use Ricochet on keep scout/players, it will bounce to players that are out of los.
  5. Go out the door and stick your bird pet on a caster, your bird will stay outside the keep if you quickly go back inside and the zerg often ignores birds because they are hard to target.
  6. Lay your traps at entry points for defenders and use a shortbow to snare then form getting into the keep.
ps. This build is also highly effective in pve with a couple of quick trait and ability swaps.

by wycks