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Sorrow's Embrace Explorable Mode Guide (Basic)

General Guidelines

  • Assign caller to call targets (or just start calling by yourself). Most fights will be trivial once you get at least one opponent down!
  • Revive or assist downed people with their rally as fast as possible.
  • Respawn as soon as you get defeated. Unless the fight is almost over your teammates won't have the time to get you up.
  • Repair often. Sometimes you need to keep running back the fight (for example to prevent bosses from resetting).
  • When skipping stick together and don't leave people behind!
  • Try to push enemies together for better AoE damage.
  • Try to pull one or two enemies from bigger groups (especially if you wipe on that group).
  • Don't hesitate to fall back if you pull or aggro too much.
  • Check enemies color-codes to prepare properly. A group with many silver enemies is a lot tougher than a group with just normal enemies!
  • Buy cheap potions (dredge, inquest for path 1) and food from trading post.
  • Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford.
Path 1: Inquest

  • Level 65.
  • Difficulty: Hard.
  • Duration: Short.

  • Patrols respawn, don't waste time fighting them. Look for hiding places off-road.
    *- Invisibility skills work wonderfully. Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford for consumable invisibility.
  • Focus enemies down with hit&run-tactic.
  • Golem generates stun-field around and starts spinning pulling projectiles. Dodge, zig-zag or bring Stability.

Route to asura boss
  • If enough offense destroy barriers and patrols.
  • With invisibility let patrols pass.
  • As a last resort you can cripple/immobilize them and run through.
  • Run to closed door when fighting the boss to avoid patrol.
  • Boss: kill adds.

  • Triggering mine deals damage after ~0.5 seconds, don't stand still!
  • Golems pull so stun-breaker/stability is useful.
  • Avoid mines and kill golems.
    *- Alternatively just run through (one should go first so that followers don't get killed).

  • Refer to story-mode for golems (mini-golems are considerably weaker).

Tazza & Champion
  • Focus Tazza. Killing her ends dungeon.
  • Avoid damaging Champion. She spawns enemies when damaged enough.
  • Avoid AoE and kill adds.

Path 2: Rasolov

  • Level 65.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Duration: Long.

First boss
  • Self-heal when taking cover: Fear, interrupt or outdamage.
  • Shockwave: High damage projectile?. Knockdown.
  • Melee: High damage. Knockback.

  • Kill Veteran enemies while kiting Overseers.
  • Overseer 1: shoots exploding (knockback) bullets -> knocklock.
  • Overseer 2: Burrow knockdown.
  • Overseer 3: Melee knockback. AoE stuff.
  • Overseer 4: Spawns adds (ignore/kill) and blocks.

  • Focus your own survivability. NPC can die.

  • Watch out for patrols when fighting it.
  • After beating it, just skip patrols.

The golems (use ranged swap)
  • Destroy mortars with "hit & run"-tactics.
    - Alternatively just go left and skip this, however this will make end-fight harder.
  • Remember focus veteran golems one by one.
  • Two final golems need to be killed at the same time. Damage both as equally as you can.
  • Quickly switch target when targeted golem gets invulnerability.

Path 3: Koplev

  • Level 65.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • Duration: Medium.

First general
  • Bring condition removal against strong bleeding.
  • Once the general is dead a small group will attack.

General Moldavich?
  • Cave spiders will spawn if you run off too far when attacking barricades.
  • Boss: pulls when hits ground with stick -> dodge.
  • Boss: fiery effect affects only allies (avoid them and extinguish yourself on water).

Dredge carrier
  • Watch out for ambush shortly after boss.
  • Instead of triggering the carrier (marker on map) go up.
  • One player should trigger the carrier and run up.
  • Destroy carrier from distance. Hide under ledge to avoid damage.
  • Skip remaining dredges.

The destroyer
  • Kill adds.
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