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Sorrow's Embrace Story Mode Guide (Basic)

Sorrow’s Embrace is the lvl 60 dungeon in the Shiverpeaks Mountains. We went in there in the story mode with a Warrior, a Guardian, a Thief, an Elementarist and a Ranger.

The dungeon starts with a bridge with 4 rather strong enemies. Try to focus one down and don’t let them push you into the lava, you’d die really fast in there.

After the bridge, you get to a small path where enemy groups are training. Pull the groups one by one and kill them before pulling the next group. Focus the Inquest guys first. It should be rather easy for your tank to tank the enemies at the corners, so AoE damage can melt through their HP bars really fast.

After those enemies, go to the right. You’ll find the first boss of the dungeon there. Two Inquisitors, a golem and a ton of adds. The adds fall really fast, the golem is a bit tankier and supports the enemies by buffing them. Both Inquisitors deal a lot of damage, so you should kill the golem first and then try to kill the inquisitors as fast as possible. With the help of a bit of AoE, the adds should be dead too as soon as you’ve killed the golem. You’ll be able to open the first chest of the dungeon after these mobs, it was a bit bugged when we went in though. We had to go back to the ramp and wait for the “cutscene” to start, after that the chest appeared. Don’t forget it!

Directly after this boss you have to fight the next one. It’s a huge golem which stacks AoE spells underneath him which can even kill a tank rather fast. Everybody in your team should carry at least one ranged weapon to still be able to attack the golem when he starts stacking the AoE. Additionally, the golem starts to rotate from time to time, pushing everybody away from him and reflecting projectiles. Just stop attacking him as soon as he does it, he doesn’t deal any damage if you don’t. If done properly, this boss is no challenge for your team. After killing him, the next chest appears.

It ’s now your job to get some cogs to repair a door. When you go down the ramp, the typicall “carts” of the miners appear. Even if you think that no enemies come out of it, wait a bit. They might appear a bit later than you think, when we went there the animation seemed to have had some errors, it had to play twice and after that the enemies spawned. Kill them, they are not that strong. After killing them, you have to go through a narrow path. Pay attention to the ceiling, there are mashers which activate regularely and mash your character when you’re underneath them. Time your movements and take some movement speed buffs to get through them faster. Try to get through them with your whole team at once, because directly afterwards you will have to face 4 strong enemies. You can either take out the damage dealing enemies first or take out the ones who buff their friends.

After you’ve killed them, go up the small ramp and kill the next boss. He isn’t strong at all, the only thing you have to take care of is that he can launch you. So try not to get launched into the traps behind you. Kill him and let 3 party members take the cogs that lie next to him. Jump down in front of you to avoid having to go through the traps again. Bring the cogs to the engine next to the door and put them in it.
A map of strategic important points
The next room is a very big room full of enemies. Your aim is to get to the other side. To accomplish this without dying, you have to take out some mortars and enemies. Start by trying to pull small groups of enemies who patrol next to you and killing them. After that, try to take out the mortars. Most of them can be taken out by a ranger with a longbow without getting attacked by the mobs nearby.

After you’ve taken out the mortars (shown as the small red circles) follow the blue path and jump down at the end of it.
Sorrows Embrace Jump Place

This way you only have to kill one of the groups in the middle of the room and two golems. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, even though the golems survive for a pretty long time.
Follow the tube-styled path until you reach the next door. You have to defend the NPC while it opens the door. I have to admit that I’ve already seen defense quests that were harder in GuildWars2. This one is really easy.

After opening the door, what a suprise, the next boss appears. It’s Kudu. When she’s alone, she’s really easy to fight, she has only one really strong attack, which is a big puddle that deals large amounts of damage to everybody who’s standing on it in combination with a snare. Tanks should be able to survive it though, so as long as she focuses them, everything’s fine. Each quarter of her health (so at 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4) she will get invulnerable and spawn a golem. They are much stronger than Kudu. A small hint: Kudu himself doesn’t regenerate hp, so if you wipe, don’t run in one after another but as a team again. You won’t lose much progress!

The first one (at 3/4 of her health) is attacking your team with strong bouncing autoattacks. To avoid getting wiped, split your team as far as possible. Don’t send in more than one melee at the same time and don’t let your ranged players stand next to each other or it will be impossible for your team to heal the damage. After you’ve killed this golem you can attack Kudu again.

The second golem (at 1/2 of her health) has two adds comming from the side. Take them out first, they don’t have much hp but can destroy your team if you let them live. The golem itself deals AoE fire damage. His attacks spawn fire pools on the ground – but since they aren’t instant but have to fly to you you can avoid them by dodging or using blocking spells like Aegis. Take some condition removal skills with you to stop you from dying because of the burning condition. Additionally, the golem heals by consuming conditions. So try not to rely on conditions and rather kill him with pure damage. Always run out of the AoE and try to avoid standing still all the time to knock the golem out. Attack Kudu after that again.

The third and last golem is a bit tricky. He poisons and can pull your whole team towards him very often. He will shoot 3 or 4 small grey bubbles to each player of your party, as soon as one of them hits a party member it will be pulled to the golem. The high amount of bubbles makes it almost impossible to dodge them or block them, so just try to dodge the poisonous auto-attacks and take some condition removal skills with you again to cure the poison.

After killing the third golem and attacking Kudu again, Kudu flees and leaves some golems again. They aren’t much of a problem after killing the three strong golems.

The next boss comes directly afterwards. It’s a huge golem that has strong attacks every now and then but isn’t that strong overall. Just try to heal / put some buffs on the player that gets focused by him.
Once again you have to fight a boss, this one is the last though. It’s a huge machine that is rather easy to kill though. The boss has two attacks. The first one is a “lava laser” that kills everything in his path but gets blocked by metal blocks that are in front of the small platforms. The second one is an attack that drops lava directly on the platforms. As soon as he “stands up” (you can see it by him getting bigger) he will do the second attack, so run to the paths between the platforms then. As soon as he gets smaller again, run to the platforms to be safe from the laser.

Sorrows Embrace Endboss

Since he has very much hp, you won’t be able to kill him with your autoattacks very fast (additionally, he stands in the lava, so melees can’t attack him at all). To kill him faster, just kill the Flame Jellies that spawn everywhere around you. They’ll drop boulders. Pick them up and throw them against the boss to deal at least 10k damage with each hit. After you’ve killed him, you’ve finished this dungeon. Good luck

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