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The Ruined City of Arah Explorable Mode Guide (Basic)

General Guidelines

  • Assign caller to call targets (or just start calling by yourself). Most fights will be trivial once you get at least one opponent down!
  • Revive or assist downed people with their rally as fast as possible.
  • Respawn as soon as you get defeated. Unless the fight is almost over your teammates won't have the time to get you up.
  • Repair often. Sometimes you need to keep running back the fight (for example to prevent bosses from resetting).
  • When skipping stick together and don't leave people behind!
  • Try to push enemies together for better AoE damage.
  • Try to pull one or two enemies from bigger groups (especially if you wipe on that group).
  • Don't hesitate to fall back if you pull or aggro too much.
  • Check enemies color-codes to prepare properly. A group with many silver enemies is a lot tougher than a group with just normal enemies!
  • Buy cheap potions (undead) and food from trading post.
  • Get Ash Legion Spy Kits from Kyra Sharptracker in Plains of Ashford.
Path 1: Jotun

  • Level 80. Hard. Medium.
  • Focus Illusionists. Their Chaos Storm deals high AoE damage.

Ooze (melee difficult)
  • Clear area before aggroing.
  • Bounces: Melee AoE. Medium damage. Knockback.
  • Splits upon death. Grab dropped "thing" and escort it to NPC. Ignore spawned enemies.
    - Everyone else should escort. "Thing" spawns Oozes and is extremely slow to carry.

  • Stand on light to get "Green Light"-stacks. Stacks greatly increase your damage against light-enemies while degenerating your health.
  • Run away to regenerate.

Tar boss
  • Stand on four springs to spawn it (also prevents enemies from spawning).
  • Tar spit (if not Burning): Multiple AoE circles. Low damage. Spawns Tars. Stuns for 1 minute (unbreakable).
    - Keep Tar Burning to prevent. Use Whiskey if needed.
  • Tar spit (when Burning): Multiple AoE circles. Low damage. Burning.

Lupicus: Check Lupicus

Korga the Mighty
  • Skippable, however killing it spawns a chest and a waypoint.
  • Dashes twice and then attempts to resurrect nearby corpses.
  • Control its dashes to keep it in same place.
    - Use Staff found nearby to lay a trap which stuns Gorilla.

The spider room
  • Skippable, however you still need to grab Reflecting Crystals.
  • Two Champion Spiders. Can be a very tough fight unless one player can kite Champions while everyone else kills everything else.
  • It is suggested to kill NPC on fireball-room. If she dies when facing Jotun it may halt whole dungeon.

The Jotun
  • Gather 3-5 Reflecting Crystals before engaging.
  • Homing projectile: Projectile. Very high damage.
    - Use Reflecting Crystals or reflecting abilities.
    - Crystals break randomly on hit. Watch out.
    - If you can't reflect don't engage. Reflecting Crystals respawn, go grab one.
  • Lava Font: Small AoE circle. High damage ticks.
    - Keep side-stepping and dodge.
  • Flame-wall: Very high damage. Shrinks and grows.

Path 2: Mursaat.

  • Level 80. Medium. Long.
  • Focus Deadeyes. Their ranged attack deals up to 1500000 damage.
  • Control Inquest Stunners to prevent stun-channeling.

Operative Belka
  • Belka is immobilized so she doesn't reset unless you wipe. This allows hit&run-tactic if needed.
  • Teleports.
  • Knockback bolt: Medium Damage. Knockback.
  • Fire bolt: Low damage (3x). Burning.
  • Glowing Ball: AoE circle. Very high damage.
    *- May overlap/get mixed with Fire barrels. Dodge if unsure.
  • At 75%/50%/25% Fire barrels: AoE circle. Burning.

Golem suit
  • One players takes the suit and reapplies shield when needed.
  • Everyone else charges the suit.
    *- Charge when "Energized" buff disappears, don't wait until shield runs out!
    *- Decide initial order.
    *- Good idea to call "Charge"-skill before charging to avoid overlap (if problems).
  • Everyone else also brings mobility, stealth, etc.
  • Leave dead people behind. You get a waypoint in the end.
  • Alternatively just run without suit.

Berserker Abomination
  • Abomination Swing: High damage melee. Slow animation. Auto-attack.
    - Circle-strafe or run through to avoid.
  • Jump: Very high damage melee AoE. Slow animation.
    - Dodge.
  • Rock: Very high damage and slow projectile.
    - Moving works, dodging is more safe.
  • Berserks: Initial knockback. Grants invulnerability and more damage. Very strong Burning on melee-range.
    - Dodge knockback and use Tranquilizer.
    - Tranquilizing interrupts animations but doesn't stop attacks so watch out for unfinished attacks (rock, etc.).

Lupicus: Check Lupicus

Water & Big mine field
  • When you reach end of first water area go and right, then follow sharks and blue torches.
  • Hug right on big mine field to find "secret, no mines at all" way.
  • After waypoint stick to left, wait for monsters to go and skip everything.

Alphard, Serpent of the Waves
  • Rapid-fire (medium damage): Dodge, abuse line of sight or use anti-projectile skills.
  • Pull & Bomb (one-hit): Run away if you get pulled.
  • Spin-attack (high damage): Flashes to indicate, may also teleport to middle. Shoots bouncing projectiles. Dodge behind cover.
    *- Watch out for uncovered pets and minions.
  • Summons clones: Kill.
  • If you die and need to get back to fight, walk up on pole and jump over the gate.

Operative Brie
  • On room before boss stick to left and clear Deadeye and few Asuras.
  • First phase: Only one player can have the "buff", cycle attacking players. Everyone else defends terminal.
    *- With high damage that one player is enough.
  • Second phase (50%): Everyone can go in.

Path 3: Forgotten

  • Level 80. Medium. Medium.
  • Focus Illusionists. Their Chaos Storm deals high AoE damage.

Wraithlord's Crusher and Wraithlord's Hunter
  • Crusher: Mighty Smash: Very high damage. Big cone. Big range. Slow animation.
    - Stay behind Crusher or dodge.
  • Hunter: Dodges to lay trap: Low damage. Immobilize.
    - Keep distance.
  • Hunter: Bouncing Shot: Projectile. Low damage. Bounces. Poison or Cripple.
  • Hunter: Binding Shot: Slow projectile. Low damage. Immobilize. Charge animation.
    - Keep moving or dodge.
  • Kill Crusher while avoiding Smash and Immobilize.
  • Kill Hunter.

Wraithlord's Mage Crusher
  • Two ways to proceed when seeing a giant. In both ways you get ambushed by a Spider Champion (same as Malrona in TA explorable).
    - In both ways you can run past spiders and lose aggro. However ambush in left-way is further away from the boss which makes it easier to lose aggro.
  • Places wells: Wells do nothing, try still stay out of them.
    - There is a safe-spot when hugging the rock and being between boss and wall (never used this).
  • Jumps: Explodes all wells dealing big damage. Dodge or stay out of wells.
  • Fetid Blast: Slow projectile with area effect. Medium damage. Poison.
    - Keep moving, dodge if needed.
  • Life Siphon: Channel, hits very many times. Low ticks, high damage. 1200 range.
    - Try to outrange, break line of sight or keep dodging.

Corrupted light
  • Corrupted light quickly damages whoever is carrying it.
  • Take mobility.
  • Run as a group and keep passing the ball to each other.

Lupicus: Check Lupicus

End fight
  • You can skip every fight on your way to end fight (especially Champion giants).
  • Goal is to control circles.
  • You control a circle if you have at least one player and not less players than enemies on that circle.
  • In total there are 1 Boss and 6 Veteran enemies. 1-2 players should try to aggro Veteran enemies and keep them out of circles.
    - Avoid poison gas near Boss. You can still stay inside the circle.

End boss
  • Corrupts: Increases damage you take from boss attacks. Stand on white light (appears once in a while) to remove.

Path 4: Seer

  • Level 80. (Very) Hard. Very Long.
  • Focus Illusionists. Their Chaos Storm deals high AoE damage.

Kaisar, High Priest of Balthazar
  • Spins for high melee damage (triggered by proximity).
  • Avoid AoE.

Vahid, High Priest of Melandru (use ranged weapon)
  • Ignore Trees.
  • Find safe spot, switch ranged and afk.

Farnaz, High Priestess of Lyssa(use ranged weapon)
  • Bring (party-wide) condition removal to remove very intense Confusion.
  • Stick together for party-wide cleansing.

Corrupted light
  • Corrupted light quickly damages whoever is carrying it.
  • Take mobility.
  • Run as a group and keep passing the ball to each other.

Lupicus: Check Lupicus

Ghasem, High Priest of Grenth
  • Clear two ambushes at black spots (sweep the area).
  • Activate Priest by killing Undead Wraith.
  • Wraith teleports to black spots (total of five) always following same rotation.
    - Learn the rotation. This allows you to assist people.
    - Hit (melee) Wraith immediatelly to avoid it resetting.
  • Kill veteran enemies to kill Priest.
  • Run through falling rocks and fall from cliff to skip enemies.

Simin, High Priestess of Dwayna
  • Stack plenty of Tears of Dwayna at one spot. Decide roles: 2 Spark runners (mobility), 1 Tear-duty (ranged to avoid petrify), 2 Attackers (melee).
  • Tear-duty player should watch party UI and clear Petrified from everyone.
  • When Simin cloaks Attackers and Tear-duty go hide in corner. Runners run sparks as fast as possible.
    - Popular starting tactic is running only 4 Sparks and letting Simin come out naturally (1 minute). Next time you just have to run 1 Spark which makes Cloak extremely short.
  • Bring all offense you come to kill her as quickly as possible.
  • Dead Eyed Stare: applies Petrified when expires.
  • Petrified: Re-applies Petrified when expires. Throw Tears of Dwayna at other players to cure.
    - Near end of Petrified you may be able to move, use this moment to self-cure if your party fails.
    - Dodging prevents effect but doesn't prevent status. Self-cure immediately.
  • Cloak, Invulnerability and Regen: Uses at ~50% health, after that keeps cloaking periodically. Run Sparks to break.

Champion Drake
  • After Simin, head north-east to Champion Drake. Skippable.
  • Unlike every other Drake in the game this one is actually dangerous. It shoots homing missiles! (ok, some kind of balls).
  • After the Drake keep hugging the left wall until you see a well. Jump down to well and keep going!

Bloodstone Shard
  • Mix of every Priest/Priestess encountered.
  • Most importantly cure "Petrified", kill summons and avoid AoE.
    - No knocking poison balls on melee range.


  • On big room you can hug left/right wall to skip most of the enemies (risky if you aggro too much).
  • Three phases, triggered at 75% and 50%.
  • Get immunity, blocks, Vigor, etc.
  • To quickly gain health run to other side of the arena to get out of combat (don't do this with 1-2 alive).

Phase one
  • Ranged players should stack to kill Grubs and Locusts faster.
  • Melee players should avoid each other and not stay in front of Lupicus. Lupicus will turn to face you when it is going to attack/infect.
    - Warning: If you can't dodge infection you will most likely hurt your team.
  • Infects players: Greenish effect.
    - Dodge when its arm is up. Learn it, without infection no Grubs will spawn.
    - Avoid using melee-range summons. Lupicus may also infect them.
    - Run to other players when infected to allow everyone focus it.
  • Roars: Knockbacks infected player and spawns a Grub.
    - Try to dodge knockback. Focus Grub.
    - Each Grub which reaches Lupicus increases its power and armor.
  • Spawns Locusts: Deals medium damage upon contact.
    - Focus them down if stacking.
    - Keep moving to avoid damage (circle, etc.).
  • Kick: Melee. High damage. Knockback.
  • Phase two starts when Lupicus turns invulnerable. Melee players should run away from Lupicus. Ranged players should scatter. Spawns an additional Grub when invulnerability ends. Focus last Grubs.

Phase two (use ranged weapons)
  • Keep your distance. When at low health focus more on your own survivability than damaging Lupicus.
  • Lupine Blast: Bolt with splash. High damage. Poison. Doesn't hit on melee-range.
    - Keep side-stepping to one direction. Change direction to avoid.
  • Frenzied Blasts: Three waves of multiple projectiles with splash. High damage.
    - AoE circles show estimated end-point for one projectile. Very unreliable, you will get hit outside of circles.
    - Dodge twice, use AoE anti-projectile skills or invulnerability skill.
    - If you run out of everything try to out-range whole attack (if everyone does this you risk reset).
  • Dash: Dash. Evades. Knockback.
    - Dodge, leap, teleport or dash.
    - Targets same player (highest armor?).
  • Melee: Knockback. High damage. Bleeding. Slow animation.

Phase three
  • Necrid Trap: Melee. Bubble. Medium damage ticks on area. Edges Knockback. Tracks movement.
    - Don't dodge too early (safer to eat one tick). It just tracks your movement and you will still be inside.
    - Dodging forward seems safest (minimum range?).
  • Frenzied Blast: Area effect on melee. Lots of small damage projectiles (high damage).
    - Keep moving and dodge to same direction.
  • Life Drain AoE: Huge AoE. Medium ticks on area (high damage).
    - Run away dodging when Lupicus starts rising.
  • Life-steal channel: Medium damage ticks.
    - Dodge twice.
  • Lupine Blast: Bolt with splash. High damage. Poison. Doesn't hit on melee-range.
    - Keep side-stepping to one direction. Change direction to avoid.
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