Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Ruined City of Arah Story Mode Guide


This zone is fairly easy and pretty fun the first time through. The encounters aren’t very difficult and fairly easy to figure out on the fly. With the story mode cinematics and events this zone can take between 1-2 hours. There are several events that happen throughout the zone that follow the story, they are fairly easy and won’t be covered elsewhere in the guide. Most events are just adds spawning and there is one event that you need to mount a cannon and shoot the dragon while killing adds.

nullChampion Risen Lich

Boss will teleport around to random members throughout the fight and can randomly spike a target in melee range so get away from him quickly. This mob will also lifesteal throughout the fight which isn’t too noticeable so just dps him down while moving away when he teleports on you.

nullBoss 2

He will drop poison AoEs on the ground and spawn grub adds out of that poison. Kill the adds before they reach the boss or he will consume the adds and make himself stronger. He does a small range AoE that will get stronger the more adds he eats.

nullChampion Risen Knight

This boss puts poison on the ground and spawns adds out of the poison. This fight is fairly simple, kill the adds when they spawn and stay out of the AoEs on the ground all while damaging the boss.
Champion Risen Knight

nullMouth of Zhaitan

This boss is a little more difficult that the previous 3 only because he spawns right after the Orrian Towers are dead and you have to deal with the adds from the towers while the boss is up. After you finish off the adds from the towers stabilize the fight and spread out. The boss will throw out “Orb of Flames” at you, these are the fireballs that do an AoE when they land taking just one of these isn’t a big deal as it was only hitting me for about 5k however sometimes these stack up and can triple hit you for 15k+ damage so it is best to avoid them. After the AoE hits an Orb will be left use this orb to throw into the Boss’s mouth when he is doing his inhale animation this will do about 13k damage to him and interrupt his next ability. If you do not interrupt the Inhale don’t worry its not a big deal but he will pull your group forward. The pull distance seems to be a set number so ranged dps won’t be pulled very far. After the pull he will do a short range AoE ground stomp. Continue to DPS while avoiding the AoEs and it will be a smooth fight.
Mouth of Zhaitan


Zhaitan is fairly underwhelming for a final boss encounter especially for a dragon that looks so badass. You don’t actually fight the boss you will be doing the story event which is basically killing a bunch of adds. There will be 3 Eyes of Zhaitan that spawn after you kill them a laser will shoot the dragon and he will then be captured by some type of tractor beams and held near the ship you are on. After the adds are dead hop in the cannons and kill the dragon.


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