Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thief PvE Build (D/D w/ SB)

Things to note:
You have 15 initiative
Stealing gives you vigor, might, fury, swiftness(all 10 secs), stealth(2 secs), and 5 initiative.
Your heal gives you 6 initiative.

The Gear:
+Condition Damage

* The Order of Whispers set is perfect for this...AND....looks cool too

Why do you get precision gear instead of power, and rares instead of exotics?

this build is based on condition damage...that is the only stat you really don't even have to auto attack, i only do it to pass the time....after the LDB spam, steal, more LDB spam, caltrop, dagger storm/thieves guild rotation.....switch to shortbow, get to ranged, and keep spamming cluster bomb and poison field to put more conditions on your target....the only time you are actually auto attacking is to shoot thru your poison field to put poison on people.

the ideal gear for this build would be +vitality, +toughness, +condition damage.....but does not exist as far as i know

so then i saw this trait: "5% of precision is converted to vitality"....and since the above gear does not exist...precision is just as good as i stack precision like crazy instead of going into the vitality tree can beat pve content with rares...i've beaten Arah Explorable Mode in the Order of Whispers armor and with this build.

are you going to WvW with this character?

no = get rares and don't splurge gold on perfect stats
yes = get exotics and splurge gold on perfect stats

How to use:

Run in and spam 3 LDB's.
Backstab a target.
Spam 2-3 LDB's depending on your initiative.
Drop Caltrops.
Use what you stole.

(Optional: IF your stolen ability stealths you, Backtab and spam more LDB)

Switch to shortbow.
Stay ranged and keep your poison field and cluster bomb burn on the target with your bleeds, while you regen initiative to full.
When you cap on initiative, repeat the process. (With or Without Steal)

Release thieves guild whenever you want

Use your first signet if you need to drop a condition.

Things I have noticed with this build:

If you are good at landing AoE's and kiting with the can easily take down 6 mobs at your level by yourself.

The build is weaker at lower levels because of it relying so heavily on traits giving you back tons of initiative and boons.

You can dodge directs attacks with LDB giving you a lot of time of invincibility from them...but AoE's on the ground will still damage you while leaping around. This kinda sucks with destroyers putting down those little volcanoes.

This is a very good party build, especially if you are working with someone who is a glass cannon. Your constant damage, plus slight tankabililty while your are leaping around like yoda, will let your glass cannon annihilate groups of enemies. I leveled with a staff ele going heaving into power/precision...and we could easily take down a group of 15...without taking any damage.

By Noxid


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