Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thief sPvP Build (Roaming Burst)


Deadly Arts
20 points into deadly arts picking up Mug and Improvisation.

Mug - Pretty obvious. It's a free 3k - 4k damage when you steal. Steal is a very important part of this build, it is our class mechanic and I think that it's awesome.

Improvisation - Stealing recharges all skills of one type (venoms, signets, traps, tricks, or deceptions) - in this build we're running both signets and tricks. That would be 2/5 of the possible recharges - which means you have a 40% chance on stealing to recharge either haste, or 3 signets.

Critical Strikes
We're going 30 into this line, picking up Signets of Power, Signet Use, and Executioner. I really feel like this is the 'best' thief trait line. All of the minors are just amazing for glass-cannon burst.

Signets of Power - 5 stacks of might when you use a signet. We have 3 signets in this build, we use them all often - because...

Signet Use - Gain 2 initiative when activating a signet. Reduces signet recharge rate by 20%. This puts your heal on a 12 second cooldown, and our other two signets on 24 second cooldown. This is assuming that steal doesn't proc the 20% chance to instantly refresh these signets.

Executioner - Deal 20% extra damage when target is below 50% health. This build is meant for roaming, when you roam, you finish fights. When you finish fights, you often run into opponents under 50% health. This trait is a must have.

We're going 20 points into trickery - picking up thrill of the crime, and trickster.

Thrill of the Crime - This is one of my favorite thief traits, period. Fury is awesome, might is awesome, swiftness is useful. It's 10 seconds of each. All thieves should pick this up in almost all builds.

Trickster - If you haven't noticed, quickness in this game is absurd. Haste paired with Pistol Whip is really the most damage that you can put out as thief. 20% of the time, you will refresh haste on steal. The other 80% of the time, you're going to appreciate this.

Weapon Skills

We're using Sword/Pistol for this build, because of the mobility of infiltrators strike and because of the burst damage potential of pistol whip.

Auto Attack - on Sword this gives us a 2.5 second cripple, and a 2.5 second weakness on the third attack. It also can crit for up to 5k depending on buffs, and normally crits for 2.5-3k. It is AOE damage. It is amazing.

Infiltrator's Strike - The most important ability in this build. Pistol Whip gets all the glory, but this will separate good facerollers from decent facerollers. You need to use this MORE than you think you need to use it. The Shadow Return on this ability is an automatic stunbreak/teleport and it only costs 2 initiative, but you need to use infiltrator's strike in order to have shadow return up. USE INFILTRATOR'S STRIKE.

Pistol Whip - Your bread & butter. It's where the majority of the damage in this build comes from. This + haste - do it once, and you will understand. A pro-tip on pistol whip is to begin casting pistol whip, and then use steal to shadowstep to your target and 100% land the stun and most of the damage. People will tell you this is impossible to use on good players, these people are inexperienced with the ability, and they are wrong. It also evades. It is currently overpowered, and will be nerfed.

Headshot - Ranged daze. It costs 1 less initiative than pistol whip, and for that reason it's not as useful as it could be. If you're unable to pistol whip to interrupt a heal - this can be used in a pinch.

Black Powder - I mainly use this to setup finishes. As long as you start your finish the moment you throw this down you can almost always finish the first time, without stability. It can also be used as a defensive measure against a 100 blades warrior, etc - if you were shortsighted and didn't use infiltrators strike enough.

Utility Skills

Signet of Malice - I use this ability more than most thieves will. It's on a 12 second cooldown, gives me initative and might, and can be refreshed via steal.

Signet of Agility - Passive gives precision for crit - the active cures a condtiion and refills endurance - it also gives you might and initiative in this build on use.

Haste - The most overpowered thing we have access to. It's quickness. Pistol whip animation resolves almost before the stun wears off. It makes us do a TON of damage.

Signet of Shadows - Passive is 25% movement speed - great for roaming. The Active isn't all that great. AOE blind isn't awful, however the might and initiative it gives you on use is very important.

We're running Berserker's Amulet and Berserker's Jewel, and 6/6 Divinity Runes. Damage. Do it.

Sigil of Air on the sword, and Sigil of force on the pistol. Offhand we're running Energy on a shortbow. The shortbow is used almost exclusively for mobility.

Other notes:
You should check out Lowell's Guide if you haven't already. He doesn't have this particular build in it, but he does have a ton of amazing information about how to play thief. There are people who will tell you this is a gimmick build, or that this is a pub-stomp build. If you don't have a stun-break up, I will kill you before you can move. Straight up.


I'll add to this when I have more time. For now:

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By Oshef