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Thief WvW Build (S/D)

TLDR section:

-The intent of this build is to be very tough to kill with high stealth uptime and still enough damage output to win Xv1s.

-My own armor choices will be detailed below, but consider your goals when choosing an amulet if you plan to use it in sPvP. This is a power build, so build accordingly. Keep in mind stealth builds are nearly useless for point control in sPvP

-Pistol/Dagger is a viable alternative if you will be going condition instead of power, but IMO leaves you at great risk vs reflection builds.

Read on for wall of text discussion:

Why Sword/Dagger?

Since this is a stealth build, you need dagger in offhand. Sure, you can stealth with Black Powder and heartseeker, but with a massive initiative investment. So let's just go through our weapon choices with dagger offhand:

  • Dagger/Dagger: Pros with this are a high damage autoattack, high damage execute + short range gap closer, high damage stealth attack and a 5 initiative cost evade. Cons: Single target damage, no control, minimal gap-closing
  • Pistol/Dagger: Pros here are ranged attacks and a nice shadowstep. The con for this are that both your weapon sets will do primary dmg through ranged attacks and that condition damage will require a different build.
  • Sword/Dagger: Pros come from control with cripple, immobilize and a long duration daze with stealth attack, aoe attacks, mobility with a gap closer and stun break, and a 4 initiative cost evade that does good power-based damage if it lands. Cons are that it won't do as much damage as D/D.
So all this considered, Sword/Dagger fits my goals for this build very well. You have great control including a very frustrating daze for your stealth attack, the lowest initiative-cost evade (tied with shortbow) and a stun break + gap closer.

Gear it out:

Here we're not going full tank gear or full DPS gear. We'll be aiming for a balance of toughness, decent amount of HP, good crit chance crit damage. I ended up deciding on a mix of Valkyrie, Knight, and Berserker gear. Below I've quoted the process that drove the choices.

First, we determine which pieces are best to have crit dmg on vs minor stats to help determine which pieces will be Valkyrie and Berserker.

Helm: 45 32 32 2% (16 minor vs 1% crit)
Shoulders: 34 24 24 2% (12 minor vs 1% crit)
Chest: 101 72 72 5% (14.4 minor vs 1% crit)
Gloves: 34 24 24 2% (12 minor vs 1% crit)
Legs: 67 48 48 3% (16 minor vs 1% crit)
Boots: 34 24 24 2% (12 minor vs 1% crit)
Weapons: 180 128 128 10% (12.8 minor vs 1% crit)

Earrings: 112 80 80 6% (13.33 minor vs 1% crit)
Rings: 134 96 96 6% (16 minor vs 1% crit)
Amulet: 90 64 64 5% (12.8 minor vs 1% crit)

Jewels: 25 15 15 3% (5 minor vs 1% crit)

Crit vs Minor efficiency: Jewels >>>>> Shoulders, Gloves, Boots > Amulet, Weapons > Earrings > Chest > Helm, Legs, Rings

Now that we know which pieces are most efficient to be crit dmg pieces, time to decide on stat distribution! (note: Berserker/Valk jewels have a massively good ratio of crit dmg vs stats, you simply can't go with anything else if you want crit dmg in your build)

Valkyrie: Power > Vit+Crit
Knights: Tough > prec+power
Berserker: Power > prec+crit

Jewels: All berserker = 150 power, 90 prec, 18% crit

Knights: Helm, Chest, Legs, Rings = 347 Tough, 252 prec, 252 power

Valkyrie: Shoulders, Gloves, Boots, Weapons, Amulet = 372 power, 264 vitality, 21% crit

Berserker: Earrings = 112 power, 80 prec, 6% crit

Runes: Mesmer 6x = 165 power 50 prec

Total from gear: 1051 Power, 468 Prec, 358 Tough, 264 Vit, 45% crit

Total with build: 1985 power, 1697 prec (~41% crit chance), 1563 tough, 1180 vit (~13.5k HP), 75% crit damage.

Vs a full berserker gearset, this is our outcome:
-264 precision (10% crit chance)
+264 vit (+24% HP)

-140 power
-25% crit damage
+358 toughness (-15% dmg taken)

So we traded a decent amount of damage output for roughly 45% increase in effective HP, not a bad deal IMO.

PS: WTB more armor stat combination choices.

Did you think I was done? Here are some tips/tricks.
  • Stealth a LOT. Every second you're in stealth, you gain over 300 life.
  • Never let your initiative get too low in case you need to use it to evade or book with infiltrator's arrow.
  • Try to always have an infiltrator strike up to shadowstep back to so you don't have to waste shadowstep as often.
  • Shadow refuge can heal as much as hide in shadows, so think of it as your second big heal cooldown.
  • Always try to land your sword daze when coming out of stealth unless you need the bow immobilize for some reason. It lasts 2.6 seconds and you can stealth again in 3 seconds. Your enemy will be incredibly frustrated at always being unable to see you or unable to hit you.
  • Dodge, dodge, dodge. You shouldn't ever have full endurance. You also have an initiative dodge on both weapon sets. Use those too!
  • If someone lands a stun > burst combo on you, you have made a dire mistake. This build gives you the tools to avoid every pistol whip and 100b that comes at you, practice using them. If you see a thief with a bunch of signets, expect them to steal > backstab on you. Spam a few evades and/or use your shadowstep the moment they hit steal.
  • If you drop your shadow refuge and the person you're fighting knows to run around in the area attacking, don't panic! You're regenerating a solid amount of HP/second. Stay on the edges and avoid their attacks, remember you can dodge and even infiltrator's arrow while stealthed to avoid hits.
  • It's always a good idea to flanking strike right after infiltrator so you're more likely to land the boon removal.
  • Don't forget your poison field on bow side, poison rocks!
  • Do not open the fight with steal, you're wasting 3 initiative and a prepared shadowstep primer by not using infiltrator strike instead.
By Kutsus


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