Thursday, January 10, 2013

Twilight Arbor Story Mode Guide (Basic)

To start with, Twilight Arbor story is a lvl 50 dungeon located to the northwest in Caledon Forest. In it you help Caithe, Firstborn of the Grove to fight the Nightmare Court.

The mobs you encounter are rather standard silver foes, and with the exception of the Nightmare Court Knights with a knockdown-ability they hold no great challenge, and so I will not go into depths on these.

Mini-boss, Spider Queen. It spawns spider hatchlings throughout the fight, and is the only challenging thing about it. Keep one or two persons on aoe-duty to bring them down, and the rest just focus the boss until its dead.

First boss is a no-brainer, although I forget her name (will edit tomorrow), just spread out a little and nuke her down, she deals a lot of damage but only to one person at a time, and so its easy to ress those in the fight.

Another miniboss is a Mutaded Fish. You need this to fix the bridge leading to the fourth boss, and its an underwater fight. This is easy to do if you clear the Barracudas in the immidiate area before aggroing boss, but other than that you just whittle him down.

Second boss is Brograine I think, and he's a bit more nasty. Keywords here is 'Kiting' and 'Meele sucks'. He doesn't deal alot of damage himself, but he spawns groups of Nightmare Spiders at an incredible rate, which explode as they reach you, engulfing a short area around them in a poisonous cloud that kills you in a few seconds.
The way to kill this boss is simply to run around him while hitting him with everything you got, keeping just ahead of the spiders. When they explode they stop and use about a second to charge the ability, giving you plenty of time to clear the area. Best is if the entire group run more or less together, so as to avoid spiders changing targets and coming from your front, as you then have too little time to get away and WILL take damage.

Mesmers are good to have on this boss, as they constantly summon illusions which can whittle down the spiders number by abit.

Third boss is quite amusing. He is another one you just focus down normally, but once in a while he will transform you into a cat, making you unable to attack him or get damaged by him. You resume your human form by killing Nightmare Pups, which are located around the bossroom and respawn periodically. The pups will be green to you in human form.

Last Miniboss, Unstable Husk. To beat this guy you must first gather 4 Essences of Nightmare, from Nightmare Court warriors in the pods located around him. These warriors have a very strong, shortrange aoe, and they are best killed by range. The Unstable Husk himself has a shortrange stompattack. Just hit him like normal and he will die.

Fourth and last boss, Faolain. She summons 4 Illusions, of Eir, Rytlock, Logan and Zojja, but during the fight she is mostly untargetable. To kill her you need to first kill one of the illusions, which will trigger Faolain to try and ressurrect it. While she does this she is vurneable for attack and must be nuked down before she succeeds in ressurrecting her summon. If you succeed in this, she will regain full health and become invurneable again, but will not attempt to ressurect the illusion you just killed again. Keep this up until all illusions are dead, and then you get to fight Faolain herself, who you need to get down to about 30% hp to win. This last part is easy, and feels mostly cosmetic.
I reccomend killing Eir first, then Rytlock, Logan and Zojja as you see fit. Eir's ranged knockdowns is the only real threat in the fight, as far as I'm concerned.

Congratulations, you've beaten Twilight Arbor!

This is my first guide, and I only write it due to the appearant lack of guides for this dungeon, so if its incoherent or lacking in e tcertain areas I will blame my inexpertise and welcome any helpful comments.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful, and good luck with your killing!

By Pasgen


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