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Warrior Leveling Guide




As many of you all know me, I go by the name Mouse, I will be playing an Asura Warrior upon release and will be rushing to level 80!

ArenaNet had said it can take up to 120 hours to get from level 1 to 80 which is about 5 days, my goal is to level to 80 under 3 days using Experience Boosters, this gives +50 percent extra experience.

If I were to always use the Experience Boosters, it should take about 90 Hours to level to 80, which is about 3 Days and 18 Hours. Accompanied by a couple EPIC Guildies, our goal is to do it under 3 days!

The Experience Boosters last one hour and cost 150 Gems. According to the research from an EPIC member named Brushed, 80 Gems = $1.00, so for 150 Gems it will cost $1.87. We would need 90 Experience Boosters so it may cost about $168.00 lol... But keep in mind that you can also trade ingame currency for Gems and then use the Gems for EXP Boosters.

This Leveling Guide will not be involved with Boosters, instead it will provide information on which traits and Slot Skills you should take in order to increase your leveling speed by killing and completing objectives quickly.



At early levels, you can get any weapon you want from the weapon vendors (usually located close by after the tutorial) I suggest buying which weapons you want to focus on so you can quickly level up and learn the weapon abilities 1-5.

The Weapons are level 1
The two handed weapons cost 64 Bronze Coins
The one handed weapons cost 32 Bronze Cons 

You practically get about 50+ Bronze Coins from completing the tutorial, and so I suggest selling the trash you picked up to make enough for your weapons.


Slot Skills

Alot of people ask themselves on which Slot Skills should they learn first? Which order of skills should I learn? It's ultimately the users choice but I'll be here to shed some light on the topic.

The Slot Skills should support what Traits and Weapon he/she is using, the idea of this Leveling Guide is to create a Build that will kill things fast and can complete objectives as fast as possible, so we will be focusing primarily on the Greatsword.

Healing Slot Skill
Healing SurgeMendingHealing Signet
The first healing skill that is given to you "Healing Surge" is fine as it is, it grants health and 1 bar of Adrenaline to quickly preform burst skills or to grant passive benefits from traits such as Berserker's Power and Heightened Focus.
I suggest Learning "Healing Signet" if your building a High Crit Warrior (supported with the Trait Deep Strike).
I also suggest learning Mending if your constantly needing to heal, the short cool down will prove beneficial in difficult situations as you will want to use the heal as much as you can to stay alive. I highly recommend using this healing skill if you have six runes of Rune of Dwayna, because when you use a healing skill nearby allies are granted health regeneration boons.

Shown above are the leveling process of the Slot Skills. On the top row, you must learn 5 slot skills before learning the ones below it and as for the Elites, you must learn 2 Elites before unlocking Rampage.
On the Left Side are the selected Slot Skills hot keyed as 7, 8, 9, and 0. You unlock them at level 5, 10, 20, and 30.

Learning Slot Skills In Order: 

Signet of Might
At Level 5 you want to learn "Signet of Might", this will passively increase your power making you hit harder. Using it will granting stacks of Might for a period of time. This is a nice first choice of utility as it grants you passive stat bonus, increasing damage.

"For Great Justice!"Throw Bolas"Shake It Off!"Kick Banner of Discipline
You then would want to learn 4 other skills to unlock the second row. I recommend Learning "For Great Justice!", "Throw Bolas", "Shake it Off!", and "Kick". You will not be using any of these sometime soon, but will be using them later in the future for Dungeons and WvW content.

The two Shouts are for Dungeon builds as you would want "Vigorous Shouts" (Trait) which makes shouts AoE Heal. This is nice as you want to keep your group alive.

The two physical skills are for WvW content, Throw Bolas is a nice way to stop fleeing enemies and kick is nice when using a ranged weapon. You can replace kick for the Banner of Discipline if you feel you want to make more of a supportive Warrior, this banner can also be used for Dungeons. 

Skill pointx 6 or 7
(In level 1-15 zone)
Each of the top row Slot Skills cost one Skill Point, in the starting area of level 1-15 there are a total of 6 or 7 Skill Points you can acquire. I suggest learning only the ones you need and saving the rest for the second row.

By now you have spent a total of 5 Skill Points and have unlocked the second Row. You should be pass level 10 meaning you have also unlocked the #8 slot skill.

"For Great Justice!"Signet of Fury
At Level 10, I suggest using "For Great Justice!" as your #8 slot skill. This will increase damage as well increase your critical hit chance. If you have unlocked the second row of Slot Skills I suggest learning and use "Signet of Fury", this will passively increase your critical hit chance.

Bull's Charge"I Will Avenge You!"Banner of StrengthBanner of Defense
Once again you must learn 5 Slot skills in the second row to learn the slot skills the the third row. I suggest learning "Bull's Charge", "I Will Avenge You!", "Banner of Strength", and "Banner of Defense".

Bull's Charge synergies well with the Greatsword as you can gap close and knock the target down making it easier to hit with Hundred Blades. This work well if you must do WvW content and want to use a Greatsword. The Bull's Charge will help catch fleeing targets.

"I Will Avenge You!" provides a nice Health Regeneration, and supported with the trait "Vigorous Shouts" this ability will AoE heal nearby allies. This ability is nice if you want to make a Warrior Healer for Dungeons.

The two banners are selected for Dungeons and WvW content, banners are nice as they provide AoE stat bonus.

Skill pointx 5, 6, or 8
(In level 15-25 zone)
Each of the second row Slot Skills cost three Skill Points, in the starting area of level 15-25 there are a total of 5, 6, or 8 Skill Points you can acquire (depending on your location). I suggest learning only the ones you need and saving the rest for the third row.

By now you spent a total of 20 skill points, 5 points in the first row and 15 points in the second row to learn 5 skills. That being said, you must use an Asura Gate to travel to a different leveling zone to acquire enough Skill Points. I suggest doing all of the locations of your level acquiring Skill Points as your first priority and tackling the Heart Areas afterwards.

You should be pass level 20 by now meaning you have unlocked the #9 slot skill.

Dolyak SignetBanner of Tactics
At Level 20, I suggest learning "Dolyak Signet" or "Banner of Intelligence". The signet is nice if you are making a High Crit warrior supported by Deep Strike which grants +40 precision for each unused signet you have equipped. The Banner provides nice support for WvW and Dungeon content, if your making a Warrior Healer this banner is pretty good as it increases your healing amount. 

 Signet of RageBattle Standard
At Level 30, I suggest you learn "Signet of Fury" or "Battle Standard". The signet is once again for a High Crit warrior build and the Banner is for Dungeon and WvW content.



 To maximize your damage I suggest taking the traits listed below. (In order).

[5 Points into Arms]:
First you want to start putting Trait points into Arms, 5 points into Arms will unlock Precise Strikes by then you are level 15. Precisie Strike will make critical hits bleed the target, at early levels this is a nice beneficial minor trait as it will help out your DPS.
[5 Points into Arms]:
Would would want to put another 5 Points into Arms to learn the trait Deep Strike, this will grant you 100% critical strike chance, making you hit hard and constantly apply bleeds from Precise Strikes. By then you are level 20.

[10 Points into Strength]:
Ten points into Arms giving you +100 Power for more damage, you would want to take Berserker's Power to increase your damage even further. Giving you 7% more damage with level 3 Adrenaline.
[10 Points into Discipline]:
You can put point Ten Points into Discipline to increase your Critical Damage and also pick up Heighten Focus to increase your critical hit chance by 9%. As you level, the amount of precision require for 1% critical hit chance increases, so you will no longer be gaining 100% critical hit chance, with Heighten Focus it will help the lost of crit chance due to level.

You are now Level 40 and can unlock the Master Traits (Cost 1 gold)
When you use the book to unlock the Master Traits, your traits will reset. What you want to do is put 10 Points into Strength, keeping Berserker's Power and put 20 points into Arms for Deep Strike and Forceful Greatsword which will grant you Might Boons on critical hits.

You then would want to max out the Strength line putting another 10 points picking up Slashing Power for more damage.

After maxing Arms and Strength to 20. You cant the put points into Discipline for crit damage and Heighten Focus.
You are now Level 60 and can unlock the Grandmaster Traits (Cost 2 gold)
When you use the book to unlock the Grandmaster Traits, your traits will reset. Put 30 points into Arms, picking up Deep Strike, Forceful Greatsword, and Rending Strikes.

20 Points to Strength for Berserker's Power and Slashing Power. You would want to put another 10 points into Strength for more Power, for the Trait you can use Great Fortitude giving you more Health.

You can then put 10 Points into Discipline for Heighten Focus but by then you are already 80 lol. Congratz on hitting 80!
You are stacking Might Boons as you attack and decreases the targets armor. Additionally 30 points are in the Arms Trait Line granting +300 condition damage making your bleeds tick for more damage. 30 Points are placed in Strength which increases Power by 300, the traits are chosen to maximize your damage with the Greatsword.

**I do not recommend this build for PvP or Dungeons, it's just for leveling up. 

Mouse's Leveling Guide


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