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Warrior Overview

The warrior is a master of weapons who relies on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. A warrior can shrug off blow after blow to stay in the fight, all the while building up adrenaline to fuel his offense.
-from GuildWars2.com

The Warrior is a melee fighter with mastery over several types of weapons, allowing him to serve many different purposes during battle. A warrior's potentially high damage output is augmented by both control and support abilities that make him a valuable member of a group. Adrenaline-fueled burst skills also help make short work of his foes.

The Warrior is one of 2 soldier professions (along with the Guardian), meaning they wear heavy armor.

Main Hand weapons available:
Axe - faster adrenaline generation, burst damage
Sword - high mobility, bleeds
Mace - interrupts, stuns, conditions
Off Hand weapons available:
Axe - faster adrenaline generation, burst damage
Sword - high mobility, bleeds
Mace - interrupts, stuns, conditions
Shield - extra armor and durability
Warhorn - boons for allies
Two-Handed weapons available:
Hammer - AoE burst damage and conditions
Greatsword - cone-based AoE damage, more mobility
Longbow - long-range AoE damage
Rifle - long-range damage against a single target
Aquatic weapons available:
Harpoon Gun - long-range underwater weapon
Spear - underwater melee weapon

Of the eight professions, the warrior has access to the widest array of weaponry, and consequently, a wide array of diverse skills. As a warrior, it's crucial to learn what skills are provided by a certain weapon so that you can wisely choose two weapons sets whose skills will compliment one another. Doing so will maximize the warrior's versatility during combat.

Adrenaline & Burst Skills
Warriors build up adrenaline by doing shit. Then they get to spend it on Burst skills, which cost a certain amount of adrenaline. Each main hand weapon has its own burst skill, which is used with the F1 key. The adrenaline bar is broken into three levels, and the more levels that are filled, the more powerful the burst skill becomes. As burst skills become more powerful, they might deal more damage, inflict conditions, or have a longer duration.

Stances are self-buffs that help mitigate or negate incoming damage, as well as providing boons for the warrior. Most stances are utility skills, but equipping a shield also unlocks a unique stance. For example, Endure Pain prevents all damage from incoming attacks for 5 seconds.

These utility skills create environmental weapons that can give boons to you and your allies in an certain area. Banners can be picked up and moved around, providing a mobile "aura", or they can be planted in ground to allow warrior to continue fighting. All of the banners also serve as Combo Finishers, meaning they can be used in cross-profession combos. For example, Banner of Defense increases toughness and vitality for the warrior and any nearby allies.

Shouts are utility skills that are unique to the Warrior and the Guardian. Like banners, they provide bonuses and boons to allies in a certain area, but some also inflict conditions on foes. For example, "Fear Me!" causes fear and weakness to all nearby foes.

Physical Skills
Warriors have a unique set of utility skills that control a foe's movement through conditions, as well as forced movements, such as knockbacks. For example, Stomp launches foes into the air.

Trait Lines
Strength - focuses on specialized weapon bonuses and certain utility skills (increases Power and Expertise).
Arms - focuses on critical hits and bleeds (increases Precision and Prowess).
Defense - focuses on enduring or mitigating damage (increases Toughness and Compassion).
Tactics - focuses on ally revival and boons (increases Vitality and Concentration).
Discipline - focuses on adrenaline gain and changing weapon sets during combat (increases Malice and Cunning).

For more info on the effects of different attributes, check out this article. General information about Traits and Trait Lines can also be found here.

Complete lists of Skills and Major & Minor Traits coming soon!

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